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ok last one, i swear it
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Uh, okay. I will refrain from comment.
It started with me saying something about BL maybe getting banned in Osaka.
And now Dark says she might be a whore.
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And it dies when I come in. Figures.
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shoosh I am hiding ninja



Save an Egg, Crack a Smile.
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Dark Preistess
Dieu de Chou
Dark Preistess
Dieu de Chou

      » OHMYGODNO.
      One pen0r per sexing,plz.
      I don't want to share or be shared.

More than one p***s at a time?
It would seem my whoreness is starting to emerge.
Its all of this sexual talk, its making me want more than one male joy toy.
I'm greedy D<

      » I'm greedy too, which is why I wouldn't share.

Well that wouldn't be a problem for either one of us if they were gay
= 3=

      » Then there'd be nothing to do. = w=
Le Scratch kills sextalk.
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Dangerous Lunatic

it's "all intents and purposes," not "all intensive purposes."

^^ I never knew ^^^^

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