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There is three in my family, Only allowed to use two, and one is like my old piece of crap that works but is as slow as an obese donkey sweatdrop
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Maverick Lavida20
Maverick Lavida20
Maverick Lavida20

whee!!!! >w<

*melts on to the floor*

*looks around*
wheree he goey?

you are stepping on ,e emo

*looks at you and hugs*

*hugs you back*

mrgreen heart
ninja *Sigh* No one's in RPing mood...
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I have this laptop, plus a decade-old desktop that barely works and is full of bugs.
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why do people post stuff about their relationship problems on facebook? it makes me rage
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Some people are just too good...
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User Imagec̡̮̞ͬ̋̂ͨ̓̈́̚̚h̷̼̱͇̜̤̹́͗a̹̭͋̾̒̓o͛̓̈͢҉̬̱̤̱̫̣̣̕ś͕͖̟̞̓̃͋ͥ̚͘͝.̢͉̮̻̜̖͍̪̔̒́͑͝
Ice Wyvern
Torus Ragnarok
So I'm not the only one who hates that new layout, then?

It's horrible. So incredibly plain, and everything's completely rearranged; I wonder what the hell their motivation for that was.
I think they were going for "clean" But without the old dividers of "related videos" or the other list of videos from the same author, it's just a mess of video links.
That part I can at least expect them to address eventually... even though, yes, it is just nasty at the moment.

At least they did try to do something about the glitchy comments box, though the entire thing is just confusing.
I have one laptop. And it won't let me move diagonally while firing ARGH I FAIL HARD ENOUGH AT TOUHOU WITHOUT BEING BLOCKED FROM DODGING
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Torus Ragnarok
I have two computers that work.

In total, I have four, and only one is any good.

There are technically 4 computers in my house... one is my laptop. Another is our home computer, which is a Vista, which sucks... another is our reeeally old Windows 98 computer, which is sitting in my dad's workshop. I don't even know if it works. The last is my old laptop, which will no longer even turn on or acknowledge that it is plugged in or anything. I don't know what happened to it. crying
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Wowee. I left Gaia 'round about 3 years ago, and this thread was alive and well and near the top of the Chatterbox. Now I'm back, and this thread is still here! I just want to say: Kudos, folks. surprised
There's Old Clazious, and New Clazious, too. Old-Clazious was stripped of RAM and Harddrives to give to New Clazious.
Old CLazious is a Socket 754 Athlon 64 @ 2ghz, and New Clazious is SOcket 939 Athlon 64 X2(dual core) @ 2.2ghz. Socket 939 is faster connecting to the RAM and everything else in the system than Skt 754, so it has more advantages than faster single core performance and 2 cores.

Orwell and Oleander, Gaia and Terra, the clamshell iBook, the blueberry iMac, Schwartzchild, and Lesant, and the unnamed but working desktop that's completely useless because it's too slow and has some(firmware/hardware) issues with most ethernet cards. Along with a Pentium 1 laptop.

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