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ok someone else write one sentence so i can continue it from there
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one sentence of what
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lead print this out and tape it to the inside of a cupboard
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and the underside of teh toilet seat
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Yogurt Man
Yogurt Man
Yogurt Man
But I want the safari...
Oh. Have you tried looking in the pokemon forum?
Yes. I even did a search. There are so few people with a Paras in their safari, it's ridiculous. I've even already added & messaged everyone I could find on the master list that has a Paras in their safari, but none of them seem to get online very often, & therefore they haven't read my messages.
ah, that's maddening. You'd think after submitting themselves to be on a list they'd try to make sure they're the type of people who log on relatively often.

One would hope. For at least 1 of them, I'm pretty sure they just made their Gaia account so that they could add people to their friend safaris, & once they had what they wanted, they stopped using Gaia. It's frustrating.
The only other thing I can think to do is try to use GameFaqs to find someone, & I hate that plan because I always get SWAMPED with messages from people trying to add me without the Pokemon I asked for. Their forums are so overloaded with people...
ah yeah I know what you mean. Sometimes it feels like gaia is the same way, but in the end it's not at all - it's just harder to tell how many people are there since they have no avatars. XD Maybe it is fortunate there's a limit of 100 friends a system can have.
Also are you sure you don't want me to catch you a Paras? I'm about to go on a safari spree. And if there's a specific nature you want I may be able to help with that too.

What would you want in return for it?
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i dont have a printer :''(
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Apocalyptic Traveler

i would colour it in and put it on the wall if i could
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Feral Bunny

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Apocalyptic Traveler

Dean sighs, apparently he's going to have to do all the polite small talk.
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its a masterpiece
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Yogurt Man
that's no dragon
that's a chinese myth dragon
it's henry zhao's textbook
Thanks for the abra ^__^

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