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MissMissies as an SD?

Human Missy! 0.082278481012658 8.2% [ 13 ]
Zombie Missy! 0.17721518987342 17.7% [ 28 ]
Missy as a Grunny! 0.012658227848101 1.3% [ 2 ]
Missy as a Prunny! 0.037974683544304 3.8% [ 6 ]
All of the above! 0.68987341772152 69.0% [ 109 ]
Total Votes:[ 158 ]
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Fashionable Gaian

.User Image*Information*User Image

User Image..What I Would Like Done:User Image

All in all, I'd like an SDPlus made in my likeness in both Human & Zombie attire if possible.

User Image

But, only if this is deemed something worth doing.

Thanks for your time ^_^ and good luck to fellow doll desires, questers & collectors!

User Image
*special thanks to Kindre for the art*
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Fashionable Gaian

User Image.-Reasoning Behind the Doll Request-User Image

Anyone who knows me knows I love rabbits, let alone Grunnys.
And certainly Prunnys! biggrin

Sadly, I joined in November of 2005 so just a hare shy of the October '04 zombie event!

As unfortunate as it was, I still had a great admiration towards the pale skinned zombies of Gaia.
Adorned with green rabbits gnawing upon they're skulls.

Bought the Human G CORP Tshirt & Human G CORP Labcoat quickly followed by the Zombie set.

Then came October 2007's Donation Items.
The Gothic Veil, and the beloved Grunny Plushie!
I obtained 5 to equip one in each available pose. They've quickly become a part of my gaian "uniform" if you will.

Now with the Dark Reflections release of the Prunny I can fully reverse my attire in both human and 'zombie' form.


User Image.............User Image

My love for grunnies have spread!
Although I am just one of many out there whom love them.
However, none do like I do.


In order to spread joy, in the loss of a gaian friend who had quit and left me his belongings.
I sold & exchanged the items, bought grunny plushies, October 2007 letters, grunny shirts and grunny slippers.
With them, held a Christmas Event Grunny-a-day Give-a-way the last 25 days countdown in December.
Im Dreaming of a Green Christmas in his honor.

Note, my cards:

Valentine 2008:
User Image

Easter of 2008: "Easter Grunny"
User Image

December of 2008 I baked dozens of sugar cookies in the shape of grunnies.
Mailed them to gaian friends, I even sent them to the HQ of Gaia.

User Image

They loved them. See profile comment:

01/13/2009 9:39 am

Hi Missie,

Thank you so much for the adorable/yummy cookies! I apologize for taking so long to post this. Things have been crazy busy over here at Gaia Corp. Happy belated holidays. Thanks again! Take care.


Art others have made of my avatars:
Thank you Kindre! heart
User Image

Thank you TwilightVampire646! heart
User Image

Thank you Lady Psycho Sexy! heart
User ImageUser Image

Thank you Viala Granet! heart
User Image

Thank you tehgreat_pachickow! heart
User Image

Thank you squishimiss! heart
User Image

Thank you crunchycookiez! heart
User Image

Thank you x-a k i y o-x! heart
User Image

Thank you Azure Felis! {a.k.a Jack/TimeTravellingCat} heart
User Image

Thank you Scrribble! heart
User Image

Thank you a_so_called_disaster! heart
User Image

Thank you Crimson Miyu! heart
User Image

Thank you cowie-blue! heart
User Image
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Fashionable Gaian

User Image.-Rules-User Image
Please follow the TOS.
Also refer to the rules for petitions section of threads
as posted here.

Also, I need to enforce that you MUST say in some way, shape, or form that you are signing in your post order to be listed.

Please only sign ONCE. Trust me, I'll update when able.

No mules, etc I don't need support in numbers, just from those truly interested being supportive.

No spamming please, or page stretching etc as listed in the rules for this section.
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Fashionable Gaian

Banner Here

User Image

Copy-paste to display the link in your profile, thread, signature!


Outgoing Links or Affiliates

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Fashionable Gaian

User Image

User Image.-Signatures-User Image
User Image..Thanks for your support!User Image

  1. MissMissie
  2. Heero Yuy 2.0
  3. Dark_Princess1998
  4. miiss m u n s t e r
  5. ilovmusic11
  6. The Noob Basher
  7. AngelusErrare82
  8. omg a imuffin
  9. IVlother Nene
  10. Anime Luna
  11. iymcool
  12. Zeiuro
  13. Kill Ur TV
  14. CompXgeek
  15. Venomous Contempt
  16. Ablin
  17. II Honmei Choco II
  18. Ckhi Kuzad
  19. the-mixed-up-cupcake
  20. artamuss
  21. Drawing~wind
  22. Maja81
  23. Lexsene
  24. II Certified II
  25. Awesomolocity
  26. iCrickle
  27. Ldy Knightress
  28. Spirrow
  29. wynterfell
  30. Descry
  31. Through the Light
  32. Noodlepop 00
  33. the_modern_maiden
  34. keitaro13
  35. Gin-Gin_version2
  36. Kire Kaysan
  37. Nei1
  38. Lunathedemoncat
  39. iDucki XD
  40. Jayce Reinhardt
  41. Lunatalia
  42. Dema
  43. Spandex Pudding
  44. 17_Coquikun_my_heart_22
  45. tith_vampire_goddes
  46. FireGoddess101
  47. Keynir
  48. Dark Moon Eclipse
  49. I-Cookie-chan-I
  50. SuperSnazz
  51. Mashia Angel
  52. ya its shayla
  53. kid25130
  54. Angelic Vampire 16
  55. Michan Starfire
  56. Morbid Daydream
  57. Emma Jane-Chan
  58. Blood Princess Lorraine
  59. kbbaby2123
  60. darkcookiesrule
  61. Katanahashi
  62. friendsiwanttobe
  63. Subfreezesubzero
  64. flaming beefcake
  65. WhyteTiger
  66. beasties
  67. s932_torn_angel_2007
  68. kagome1290
  69. little_sweet_cupcakes
  70. Who8MyCookie
  71. i Wonderland i
  72. x-iSoFLiiP
  73. iMai Valentine
  74. green_eyed_jess
  75. Sickly Sweet Imperfection
  76. Emo Kuromi Nui
  77. YamiTyger
  78. Darius D.
  79. Lady Shaminia
  80. green_eyed_jess
  81. Azure Felis
  82. Heartless Ansem Overdrive
  83. Larxene58
  84. sugarcreamrush
  85. CuPcAkEs_GaLoR
  86. TheeSadee_Rawrs
  87. tiger539534 **Name changed to LipMae
  88. lnk1001
  89. green_eyed_jess
  90. Ratherdead **Name changed to Friggin Santa
  91. Mighty chicken lady
  92. Tainted Tarts
  93. SqueakerSquad

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Fashionable Gaian


-awaits curious if this is something worth presenting-
I'll sign, suggested it when you started collecting the dolls in the first place.

Gaia SHOULD make you into a doll with as much support as you give them.

-Heero Yuy 2.0
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Timid Player

Trade banners? I, too, am an SDPlus wannabe.

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Dapper Fatcat

5,450 Points
  • Conversationalist 100
  • Ultimate Player 200
  • Tycoon 200
i'll sign 4laugh
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Compassionate Borg

I sign! 3nodding
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Friendly Conversationalist

6,200 Points
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  • Friendly 100
  • Conversationalist 100
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Wealthy Businessman

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places my handcock......That means my name should appear on the list like this
The Noob Basher
You know that i'm signing this!!! good luck Missie!!

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