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Updated: February 20th, 2009 Huge update today, guys! Devs will be met with pleasant news in FASPO, FGAF (twice), and FMISC. FECM and FAQUA have been updated as well, with not so pleasant news. xD

Updated: February 18th, 2009 Happy birthday, Gaia! Sorry to meet your big day with bad news, but FEVENT has been updated.

Updated: February 17th, 2009 I removed a lot of the old, outdated information. These were things that are unresolved and will likely stay that way. They are now in my latest journal.

Updated: February 11th, 2009 FCOMM and many, many other sections have been updated. FCOMM got a rather large update while other areas were tweaked and updated, and some solved problems were moved to My Journal because of a huge lack of character space.

Updated: January 11th, 2009 Lots of updates to several categories. The post got too large, so, in order to save space, I've removed some of the resolved/answered things and placed them in my journal.

- Ignore the trolls, feel free to report their posts, and if you want them out of the thread for good, PM me with a link to their post so I can ignore them. <3 You don't have to PM for someone that spams - just report their annoying little asses. <3
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- DO NOT bother responding to this thread just to insult me, call me bitchy, whiny, immature, etc., unless you have read this entire post. Stop assuming things about me, and stop using the same, tired excuse of "Gaia needs money!" We know. We've been working our butts off coming up for solutions that will make both the users and Gaia itself happy.
-UpdatedThis does not mean that you can't disagree with me. Feel free to, as long as you're going to do it maturely instead of calling me names. I love a good debate.
- DO NOT be rude to people in this thread, and that goes for the mods and devs as well. We're trying to state our disagreement with the way Gaia is run in an orderly, civilized, professional way. Coming in and saying, "YEAH ******** GAIA YOU SUCK GAIA!" is not going to help us AT ALL. You're making my job harder because I have to run damage control when you do that and I'm pressed for time as it is. Don't cuss out the mods and devs either. Really now, be mature about this.
- Spamming will get your post reported.
- If you don't want to read the entire post, don't. But don't expect to be taken seriously because you won't know what you're talking about.
- The term 'we', used repeatedly in this thread, represents we, the users, that are upset. If you are a user and are not upset, then the aforementioned we has absolutely nothing to do with you, so don't feel like you've been generalized into the group. Because you haven't. If you're happy with how Gaia is, that's great. But 'we' aren't.

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Old News

- We were moved. So we're starting again! Since I had to make a new thread, please update your banners. :]
- Initial Thoughts - (FITH)

- Start proofing things before you send them out. Think twice before you speak and do something. Firstly, you're making it seem like you don't know anything about your users or your site.
Since when do guilds = clubs? (Not to mention the fact that it apparently links to clans as opposed to guilds, yet the description is obviously about guilds.)
Then the latest beauty where you said that SF = place to report glitches. I just fail to see how an update like this has even happened. I mean, what kind of company doesn't know itself well enough to know that Q&A/Bug Reports =/= Site Feedback?
Then the Valentine's Day event where you encourage us to put the NPC pictures in our signatures when they're quite clearly over the signature limit. Thank you for not disabling a ton of signatures because the users listened to you, but next time, pay attention to the byte size. You should know better.
We notice these things, and they're really starting to add up.
Gaia, you should know better than to make an announcement linking to a thread all about getting married that doesn't accept gay marriage.
And not only that, but the owner has been gone for a month or more apparently. Come ON! Don't you check anything anymore, or do you just push things out as quickly as you can?
What's really funny about it isn't even that you didn't pay attention to what thread you were linking us to, but that the Super Bowl chat was more organized than this. I can see why though. Super Bowl = way more important that that goes well.
START PROOFING THINGS FIRST. You just offended a good chunk of your userbase. Niiiiice.

I do feel, however, that Gaia is playing some risky cards right now. We were originally promised that very few things would cost more than $5, and yet how many $10 EIs do you see in the cash shop? How many new cash items do you see getting released? If Gaia is well and truly desperate for money then I think that should set off warning bells that say, "Hey, something needs to change." Anyone that knows anything about business knows that cheaper prices = more sales. If the customer feels satisfied with your business, product, and prices, they're much more likely to buy. When you run a virtual business such as this, in which you sell virtual goods, you're going to have to be even more careful and precise with your actions. Gaia needs to step up communication, lower the cash prices, be more professional with hacking, scamming, and unfair ban reports. They need to fix glitches and update old, ignored features that were once favorites but are now generally unusable. And before they go cutting out employees 9 days before Christmas, regardless of how hard it was for them to do so, I sincerely hope that they fired the masseuse, the caterer, decided not to make another softball team, and put away the nerf guns. They deserve it, sure, but that does not mean that it is more important than someone's job, especially at Christmas.

New! Now that I think about it, I want to know what's up with the contradictions, lately. According to this article, CEO of Gaia, Craig Sherman/Fin predicted record sales in the month of December.


So far, the deepening recession has not slowed sales of virtual goods, which executives attribute to people spending more time at home. Gaia Online, a youth world with 7 million monthly visitors, sells more than $1 million a month of virtual goods and expects a record month in December, said its chief executive, Craig Sherman. One rival, IMVU, has also had a 15 to 20 percent increase in sales since September.

So why, if you guys were doing so well, would you lay off 36 employees? It makes me truly wonder if the guess that you're doing what other corporations do is correct: laying off workers to make your figures look better.

And on top of that, I know that among the employees fired was Dri, the admin in charge of moderators. I sincerely hope that this doesn't interrupt the supposed 100+ new moderators Mr. Sherman said we would be getting.

This is not directed at the mods, devs, or admins. This is directed to their bosses - the ones that are making all of the poor decisions. I know that the mods, devs, and admins DO care. I don't want Gaia to go broke. That's what this thread is all about. And I want to thank the mods, devs, and admins for taking the time to back us up, help us, and do whatever they can DESPITE this thread complaining about the site they work so hard on.

I, and a lot of other users, are tired of the way things are working around here. We know that all of you work your hardest, and thank you for doing so. All of those all-nighters, working on days off, and digging into your own pockets at times, shows us that you love your site and your users.
For this reason, I'm rewriting this entire post from start to finish. I came off as harsh before, and I apologize. However, I hope that you can understand how frustrating it is for all of us to see the path that our beloved site is taking. I used to love it here. Now, it just stresses me out and makes me angry to see things getting worse each and every day. I hope that with the help of this thread, some things will change for the better, and that it will benefit both your customers, potential customers, and you, as well.

Firstly, I want to address the fact that the site seems more geared towards making money than pleasing your valued users/customers. When I found Gaia back in late 2003, donation items were already out and, sure, servers went down (I actually miss the funny names and messages we got when it happened), but it was still nice to be here. Everything was great. We didn't have to pay to enjoy the site, because even though it was harder to earn gold, it was still easy enough in the limited economy to get the items with a bit of questing. This stayed the same even after donation items upgraded to two items a month. Hardly anybody complained about having to pay, because it was acceptable. Sure, some users paid for the items, but a lot of us paid for Gaia, and the items were just a bonus. I know that there was no logical reason for me to need 6 letters a month, but I still bought them, just to help out.
Yes, the games were limited, the forums were limited, and lots of things messed up a lot. But we still loved it here, otherwise, we wouldn't still be here. I've been here since nearly the beginning, and I don't want to just leave. I want things to get better for all of us involved.

Now it feels like you're trying too hard to make money, to the point where you're losing sight of pleasing your customers because you're so focused on earning more money, that, quite frankly, in its current state, this site doesn't deserve (more on that in a moment).

You promised us that the site would always be free to play and enjoy, but it's not anymore. And that's because, firstly, the only decent items (the ones we can tell you worked hard on) you release cost cash, and too much of it at that. You're releasing the items we've been requesting for years, since before the cash shop was out, as cash exclusive items. Panda Slippers, the orphans (we hadn't requested them for years, but lots of people wanted children and they were pretty close. We wanted to keep them after the event and were told we might be able to get them again some day, but it was upsetting when they were cash items). The evolving items do the same thing, and they cost far too much despite the fact that you said that they would be cheap and affordable (source). I'm sorry, but $10 is far from affordable, especially when you consider what exactly we're getting for that $10.

Your artists draw the items, and you pay them for their work once. It takes absolutely no additional resources or money (aside from server space) to create an infinite amount of these items, so why make them cost so much? The general idea behind selling something is that the end price of said item covers materials, time, and any other costs accumulated during the creation process. So, from a logical point of view, you should know that the items are not worth $10. Yes, there are a ton of poses, and yes, they're really, really well done (usually), but that doesn't mean it should cost $10, especially considering the fact that older users are so used to the standard $2.50 for a donation item...especially in the limited economy. Especially when you promised us that most of the items would be cheap.
- Let's look at it this way. I don't have a way of purchasing things online, so, I would need to go to a local store to buy a cash card. That's fine. So, I head over there (which costs me money because gas is so expensive at the moment), and get to the store, buy a $10 card, and head back home. I enter it in, and browse the cash shop. You guys have the right idea by making the absolute best items cost the most (Hermes Moon, Fallen Wish), because it really ropes us in. Of course we'll generally want those most. So I decide I want a Fallen Wish, buy it, and there. That's it. All of my cash is gone. I just spent about $15 on a cash card (including gas and tax), and all I got was a single item. The amount of poses is irrelevant because it's not like we can wear as many of them as we want.
Evolving item after evolving item comes out, at a pace that users, even those well-off enough in the real world who can purchase cash, can't keep up with. Users that are scraping by in real life (or are unable to get cash because it's not available in their area) are also screwed, because they're left to rely on gold. If I didn't get decent prices for my art, I would have next to nothing. Let's face it. 100,000 Gaia gold doesn't get you much of anything at all anymore. In a lot of cases, that's not even one evolving item (if you want one of the new, good ones, at least).
A user that has been here since nearly the very beginning PMed me last week, and told me that she had 3 million gold saved up. She ran out of it in less than half an hour, trying to get evolving items. 3 million gold, gone that quickly. The idea is sickening. Even with a constant, high income of gold, I can't keep up with the items. By the time I get a single evolving item from the marketplace, two more come out as well. By the time the average user who can't draw or doing anything worth selling on the site manages to save up even 100,000 gold, the evolving item they were after will be pulled from the shelves. How do you expect those of us that can't pay with cash to get these items? I understand that the entire point behind cash is for you guys to make a profit, but didn't you stop to consider that lowering the cash prices (not on the current items, but in the future) will make it easier for everyone involved? I know a lot of users would be much more inclined to buy cash.
The monthly collectibles have been gradually getting lower and lower in quality and originality. October's monthly collectibles were decent, but in my own opinion, still not up to your standards. We all know that some items just flop now, but maybe you should consider investing in a bit more originality so that you will see a boost in sales.
On top of that, now you're releasing cash related features. I really never thought you would be so desperate for money, but I guess the many investments for zOMG! brought that about, which is understandable. It has to be paid back.
And it's not so much the fact that the cash related feature - Aquariums - was cash related, but rather, the way you went about it. You completely screwed us over with this. We can't put in our hard earned fish. We can only get new fish that WILL DIE by paying you even more money. How fair is that? The entire idea was executed horribly. You took our idea and made it completely your own by making us pay (again, the marketplace doesn't count, the point is that the items would not exist if we didn't pay for them or get lucky enough to get them from the Daily Chance) and not letting us put in our own fish we get from fishing. Lots of people would have loved it with a few tweaks (such as a different way for fish to die aside from time - think about vacations or those that can't come on every single day). But now you've caused a huge uproar. The fact that you expect us to continuously pay for these fish really makes me sick. They're going to die and die again, and we're going to have to buy them over and over again, and at ridiculous prices, too. Nearly $4 for BUBBLES or a Liam background (which was a recycled image, thus cost you pretty much nothing to make)? $3 for a starfish? $5 for a sunken ship? Really? If you want or need money, that's fine. But you need to cut down the prices, and consider what exactly you're selling for how much.
I understand that the fish die because of the Overseer, but it's still no excuse. Now it seems like we'll never see the original idea created, so that we can watch our cute little guppies swim around.

Maybe if you had done things differently. But you release more cash shop items than monthly collectibles or shop updates (and while those are more frequent than they were they still lack the quality that the CS items have) or salon updates. You're most dedicated to the things that get you more money. Or at least that's how it seems. You almost never missed an evolving item update, but even evolving items are starting to downgrade. An example would be the Enchanted Book's final evolution, which was 'meh', in my opinion. The 'Long Magical Swirling Hair' was an utter disappointment. It has absolutely no shading at all. The lacking of shading doesn't fit in with a single item on Gaia, and neither does the light blue and yellow theme. It looks rushed and unprofessional, as if it was done at the very last minute. And yet it had such great potential. I'm equally disappointed in the Padmavati's Lotus and the fact that in the most recent evolution you completely lose your eyes. If you don't have an item that adds new eyes, you're kind of screwed. An item that you have to pay for should not be glitched in any way. If it is, it's a ripoff to your customers.
The evolving items eventually become glitched because of too many poses. Not only that, but it stretches out your entire screen (and I even have a great resolution and a widescreen monitor).

There's a fine line between needing a certain amount of money to run your site, and screwing your loyal users over just to make a profit. And you passed that line a long time ago, and it just keeps getting worse. You're on a steep decline that I don't see ending any time soon. What next? Buy 1 million gold for cash? Oh wait, that already happened with the Mythril coins, you just made it rare so that you got even more money out of it, which was really low.

All in all, I used to love this site. It's been my homepage since 2004, three computers later. I gladly donated the small amount of allowance I got back then to this website because I loved it and wanted to see it thrive. But I pictured it turning out completely differently. You're trying so hard to appeal to a younger audience by making everything cool and hip, but at the same time you're straying from your original anime roots in exchange for MTV and likewise themed items. You even ruined the world of Gaia by giving MTV its own shop. And it's not because it's MTV, but because IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH GAIA. At all. It's not even anime or fantasy, or anywhere close. You don't even add the new shops to the world map anymore. We don't even use the damn world map anymore. Also consider that the new demographic you're trying to appeal to won't be able to buy things either, leaving you even more desperate for money.

This site meant many things to me. It made me better at art and writing. I got my first commission on this site two-three years ago. This site was a big part of my daily routine.

I stay on this site because of how it was before you became a load of money grubbers intent on turning this into Myspace. This site is still my homepage because I want it to get better. I want to see you guys change things. But I'm quickly losing hope and so are a lot of your users. I want to feel like a valued customer or potential customer, not just another user here to buy things.
- Suggestions and Complaints - (FOSUC)

- Advertisements and Sponsorships - (FASPO)

New! - Thank you Gaia! You've done an awesome job with the sponsorships lately and I appreciate it. While I personally don't like the looks of the new Sonic game (not that I can play it anyways xD) I love that you guys are getting us sponsorships that your users actually like. Halo and Sonic were great sponsorships to go with. :3 Absolutely no complaints here. (Gasp, shock, horror and such.)
Thank you to Fleep for letting us know about this!

- (Moved and rewritten from the post above.) I've gotten several virus threats from Gaia lately. Loads of people are experiencing redirects, too, to dating sites, Victoria's Secret, and god knows what else. It seems to be calming down a bit, though, which I'm glad to be able to say.

- Work harder to get rid of the "illegal" ads. These are the ones over PG-13, the ones that get in the way of posting (the Circuit City ads), the ones with music, and the pop ups Let's not forgot the porn ads, too. I've seen the process for reporting these ads, and it's something that your average user won't be able to do, or want to do. It's a long, complicated process. Let mods work on them while browsing.

- Now that I understand how sponsorships work, I know that this isn't easy. But let's say you get four different sponsors and can only pick one. Please, please try to pick the one that would be best for your users. HSM 3 was a huge mistake. That's all I can say.

- Aquariums - (FAQUA)

New! - The new Kiki and Coco fish are cute. Nice idea, guys. The mermaid, though...far too expensive. I don't care how long it lives or how it doubles booty grab gold. $8 is outrageous and more than some of your EIs. If it had been $4, I know a lot of people would have been more willing to buy it.

- Give us a way to put in our Fishing game fish. That's why we wanted aquariums in the first place. You took that idea and twisted it around into something cruel and ugly; a mockery of your users. You took the idea and used it only to make more money for yourselves, and it's nothing less than an insult. At least give us another aquarium - a free aquarium, that we can put our fishing fish in.

- Lower the prices of some of the items. $4 for bubbles is insane. $5 for a fish that will die is insane. $5 for background items is insane.

- Cash Shop, Evolving Items, and Monthly Collectibles - (FECM)
And also kind of the RL Gaia store 8D

New! A thread about RL Merchandise got my creative juices flowing earlier, and I realized that the RL Merchandise shop hasn't been updated in awhile. So here's a few of my personal suggestions (that I would not mind if they were used, and would most certainly try my best to buy one if they looked to be of good quality.)

A Panda Hoodie! Or a white Kiki Hoodie. I would love love love a Kiki or Coco hoodie, as long as it came with the kitty ears and the embroidered eyes in the right colors like the OMG Hat. You could take it even further and add a tail to the back of the hoodie, but that may put some people off so it should be optional or something.

And as far as that goes...an OMGhoodie (Oh my goodie), which would be a hoodie with an OMG hood, complete with the ear flaps and tail.

Big coffee mugs. I loooooooooove cappucinos, coffee, hot chocolate, and plain ol' coffee mugs. IIRC, you guys offer a service where we can have our avatars on coffee mugs, but how about some more Gaia oriented designs, like a black mug with Cocos, or a white mug with Kikis? And the bigger the coffee mug, the better. :3

I've got a ton more of ideas like this but don't feel like wasting space on it. x3

And since I'm on the subject, a word of advice: If you don't have to, don't pull things from the shops. I'm guessing that it doesn't cost too much to leave things up for an extended period of time (could be wrong though), so what does it hurt to leave them up?

New! - All of my updates today were happy and free of complaint, but if it seems too good to be true, that's because it is. Currently there are three $10 EIs, 4 $7.49 EIs, 2 $4.99 EIs, and 2 $2.99 EIs. Doesn't that strike even you guys as a bit much? Can't you let up just a little? How about instead of releasing so many expensive EIs (or simply so many EIs in general) without rhyme or reason, you try following some kind of schedule or something? This is just too much at once, and I think you'd see a higher profit if you spaced them out a bit more. Your users that are willing to pay likely have some kind of budget, a set amount that they can't go over. In order to increase customer spending and satisfaction, instead of having 3 $10 EIs out at once, space them out so that someone with a monthly limit will still be able to buy all three at first gen. This helps both paying and non paying users. Paying users will be able to buy more, and non paying users will be a little less likely to think that all you want is money. I'm still disappointed in how cash oriented Gaia is becoming, though. And it seems to be escalating lately, with more and more users thinking your main concern lies in making a profit. Please make us think otherwise.

- How about a hair EI that doesn't suck? The Gro-gain looks half assed at best. How about you make another one with some nice hair styles (NOT hair style ideas stolen from your users, eh?) that come in a multitude of colors. You'll have to stretch your imaginations to do so, because it would be pretty much cruel to use standard kinds of hair (really long as has been requested) etc. that would belong in the cash shop. But things like you did with the elemental hair, more unrealistic and fastasy based...that would be good.

- We need a new EI system. Whatwith the recent Gem2niki fiasco, we need a solution. As I've said before, when users buy EIs as soon as they're released, they are putting complete trust in your ability to make the item satisfactory. The fact that you make new evolutions as you go along (as in not doing all of the evolutions at once, but rather, over time), is fine, but you at least need to set some guidelines. For example, you make a new EI and sell it for $5. Since, apparently, there's a pose limit, tell us ahead of time. Set a minimum number of poses for every item and tell us when it comes out. "This new EI will have at least 25 poses!" If you want to do more than that, awesome. If not, at least we knew what to expect.

-Also about EI poses: Stop gipping us. Just because the Gimpi had 8 evolutions and so many different poses doesn't mean that we got our money's worth. Case in point: Four poses of the same ! bubble, simply in different positions. I'm not saying that that's bad, but it doesn't really count, does it? It's just the same item moved around. Recolors can be good, but not when they command most of the poses in an EI, because it seems lazy, to say the very least.

- Allow me to rewrite this now that I've considerably cooled off and can write my feelings on the subject more politely. I'm disappointed with the random chance items. On one hand, I believe that the chance offered is too slim. While I most certainly don't want 1/5 users running around with chicky slippers, I do feel that after being given 12 eggs as a gift and gaining two oni sets and no other items worth mentioning, it was a bit of a rip. The same can be said for the other chance items. An item like this just drags users in, which is a great marketing strategy, yes, but also a bit on the unfair side as well.
I also feel that it truly is gambling, and I just don't see how that's allowed on here after the big problem with Gaia having simply virtual gambling. To many, many users, 5,000,000 gold is the jackpot, and they will pay, and pay, and pay to get that. But there's a chance that they won't, which effectively makes it gambling.

And while I'm rewriting this, allow me to state that while I understand that Gaia is likely in debt to its investors (and I appreciate you guys doing that for us, I truly do, though I still have some trouble believing that the debt is horrific or enough to make $10 for several items necessary), I do think that by lowering prices, you would open up many new venues. A lower price would mean more items could be released for cash with less frustration. It would also mean more sales.

Updated! And one more addition; many users can't just 'buy items from the marketplace'. It's honestly not that easy, and I wish that was more widely understood, not just by staff, but by users that have sufficient gold either from selling art, selling rare items, vending, etc. Not everyone is talented in those ways. I've had a lot of people argue with me on this subject. And now, I come bearing proof that the devs are full of it when they say "Just buy it from the marketplace, anyone can get these items, you just have to work for them!"
My very good friend found a quote of a dev saying that the MP prices are too steep. I find the irony in this to be simply gorgeous. I'm not trying to cause any problems for this dev, as they've done nothing wrong in this case. But other devs and some users have ranted and raved at me that if I think the cash shop prices are too steep, I can simply buy it on the Marketplace. But I don't agree with that. While I don't do dailies much, I post quite a bit every day. Probably more than the average user, I'm not sure. Since the day this thread was originally started in early October (if I recall), and after selling some gold shop items, and spending no more than 1,000 gold maximum, I have a whopping total of 18,000 gold. That's five months (which, now that I've thought about it, surprises me even more). 18,000 gold earned by posting continuously within a five month span is ridiculous. But I digress - this isn't about the gold, but rather, the fact that, generally speaking, average use of the site will NOT give you enough gold to acquire an expensive EI. It just doesn't work that way. I have what I have because I run art shops. But what about the average user? They're screwed, that's what.
So, no. We can't just buy it off the MP. And I think even the devs that told me that I could do such realize this.

- I've tried to keep this letter polite and constructive. I've tried to keep a positive outlook on this, even going so far as to rewrite the thread to make it nicer. But this is just too much. Before, this letter focused a lot on my - and a lot of other users' - problem with the cash shop. But I tried to change gears, hoping that we were just at a dark phase of Gaia's history. But now I see that we have three ten dollar evolving items. That's a huge step over the line. Again, I'll mention that we were promised, by Lanzer himself, (here's a link to an announcement that touches on this) that the cash shop would not impose on us and that it would be cheap and affordable for everyone, with few things costing more than $5. Sorry to say it, but that's just not true.

- $10 for one item is absolutely laughable. I understand that you need money but this is just too much. There are two solutions to this problem, both of which will get you more sales. The first solution is to let us wear as many of the poses as we want, or at least, say, 5-6 at once, aside from layering issues, obviously. The second solution is to lower the price. We may be getting, say, 40 poses off of one item, but you can still only wear one of those poses at once, so, regardless of how many poses you give us, we still are paying $10, or even $5 for a single item. Either one you choose, or even if you choose both, will very likely see an increase in sales. If you only lowered the prices, that would boost the sales even more.

- Space out all things that require cash. Everyone is suffering from the dying economy - not just you. The fairer you are about this, the more sales you'll make in the long run. But if you keep releasing so many items, regardless of the price, for cash only, people will eventually get frustrated. They already are.

- It would be nice if there were no more monthly collectibles like the Mythril Armor that required five or more letters to complete the set. That's just a cheap way of you milking more money from us.

- No more Mythril Coins or anything like it. You're going against yourself with that, and all for a quick buck. Those coins may have gotten you a lot of money, but it also destroyed the Gaian economy, making us suffer in the long run. I know that Lanzer didn't want to put the 2% tax on the market place. And I'm sure you all argued about it. But you just wasted all of your time and effort doing that by releasing "get rich quick" methods. In the end, it only ensures more money for you, because things inflated so much, so quickly, but the amount of gold that the average user (as in, users unable to buy cash) didn't increase in the slightest. You tell us to just buy the items off the Market Place, but we can't when we don't have any gold, can we? That means that if we want the item, we have to pay with cash. It's as simple as that.
Now Fail Coins and the re-release of Mythril Coins. More economy destroying.
Now another rerelease of Mythril Coins, this time ones that went against the item's original description.
Now Gold Gold Revolution. You're basically selling gold for cash. Not to mention the fact that it is KILLING the economy.

- The issues with cash cards still stands. Users that don't live in the US (and even some that do) still do not have access to the cards. That's just even more unfair, and you're losing a lot of customers and sales over it. I know that personally, even here in the US, I can't get cards. I've checked KMart, Wal-Mart, and Rite Aid, and none of them in my area have the cash cards. What happened with that? I thought all of the Rite Aids and KMarts got cards.

- Not only that, but T-Mobile still isn't supported when trying to buy monthly collectibles via mobile.

- A lot of people are having issues where their evolving items of a later generation aren't evolving on time or at all. They're still stuck in early phases. This is something that needs to be fixed immediately, or be of very high priority, because these people (usually) paid real money for these items that aren't working. I, personally, have some "backwards" EIs. They're hard to explain, so screenshots soon.

- Add in a feature that when a user buys cash or enters in a cash card code they get all ads removed from the site, just like when we buy MCs. Some people get cash and then buy the MCs now, but they should still get the same features.

- Events - (FEVENT)

New! - Thanks a lot Gaia. You just brought about more hate, more anger, more elitism. So many people are upset and disappointed right now, and with such good reason.

I love gold items, but I no longer have my 03 account. Even if I did, I couldn't use that sash anyways. And I love pink items, too. But I can't buy an 08 scarf.
Why are status items so important to you guys? Do you enjoy us being at eachother's throats because people think they're special for having old/rare/expensive items?

Today is supposed to be a day about unity. We're a giant community, and we should act like it. But you're dividing us further, causing more problems. You ruined the even just because you felt that it was necessary to give us more status items. What does it really hurt?

I think you guys like seeing SF explode and all of us at eachother's throats. In fact I'm willing to bet that you guys bet on us. "Okay, I've got $10 on ______ getting pissed about this and immediately making a post about it!" I'm half joking with this, I mean it's not really a bad thing, as far as you guys betting on us but...there's just no need to cause more elitism. Start unifying us instead, Gaia. Please, the community is falling apart more and more every day.

- For a small event, this event was pretty good, generally speaking. The idea was new and we didn't have to spread a bunch of mono. I am disappointed in the items, however, and even more disappointed that there were only two, as opposed to four new items in the cash shop. Couldn't you have at least evened it out or something? I knew this was going to happen. The cash items were pretty good; Mono is cute, the Sexy Present was a huge hit (despite the fact that you stole the argyle socks, but I digress), and the items are well done. But we that can't pay can't enjoy the site as much as someone that can. Proof of this lies in the shitty items, and the fact that we can't get Flynn to accept our Valentine unless we've bought cash before (I think.) How lame! Why should cash play into the event? Isn't it enough of a reward to get awesome items for cash? Does it really have to affect a generally "core feature" of the site? It just seems like more money grubbing to me. And if you want to say that you AREN'T money grubbing, do me a favor: PROVE IT.
Speaking of requirements, what's with making some of the requirements so hard? Couldn't you have thought of things that were actually achievable, instead of having to be at least 21 to get a reply from Moira?
There's little point in pointing this out considering the fact that the event is nearly over, but I lost all of my valentines from the first day, and now I'm not even getting alerted of new ones. I just happened to see them when I went to see if the event was fixed. I wanted to screencap some. D:

New!- Misc - (FMISC)

New! - [Edited]. You sneaky, sneaky devs. I see that hotdog now. But in this case, it's not that bad. I didn't even notice it at first (though admittedly I don't read EI reports more than a quick scan over the preview banners) until someone pointed it out to me. Sneaky.

New! - The damn hotdog. We get it. It's an inside joke. You guys like hotdogs. Har har, it's hilarious. But it's also annoying and pretty improfessional. An inside joke is called such for a reason - keep it to yourselves already before you wear the 'joke' out even more.
Updated! Disregard that, I love hotdogs! Thank you for the hotdogs, admins! :3

New! - Okay. Fanservice. I know that most people enjoy it, so I won't let my personal feelings bias this too much. I will say, however, that there's no need to take it so far. The only NPC that I really like is Rufus, but if I did like any male NPCs, or even female NPCs, I can assure you, I don't need to see their chests to enjoy new art of them. Not everything needs to have a sexual tone because you're slowly pushing it too far. You can give us fanservice without making gay guys and slutty women drawn half naked.

- Premium - (FPREM)

- Premium features, such as the Aquarium, are also unfair. It doesn't matter that we can buy the fish from the Marketplace or get things through the daily chance. It's still a pay-to-play feature, and we were promised that that would not happen to Gaia. The items wouldn't be on the Marketplace (overly expensive) if it weren't for people buying the items with cash in the first place. Daily Chance usually gives out crap as opposed to enough fish to sustain the tank.

- Anything premium on Gaia, namely features, is breaking your promise. It was promised to us that Gaia would be free to play forever. However, now we're hearing about "core" Gaia, being the forums and avatars and guilds, mainly, being free, but other things being pay to play in the future. That is wrong, and it's just a way to not break your promise by being technical. You will lose a good amount of users if you do this, and we can guarantee that.

- Glitches and Features - (FGAF)

New!- Apparently, yesterday (2/19), Gaia died not once but three times. I would have liked to have had an announcement about this, but I'll keep my out on dev journals for information, I guess.

New!-I'm totally surprised but thank you guys for taking down Towns to work on it. I've yet to find information on what exactly took place (or even if it's back up yet or anything), but thank you guys for putting up the banner letting us know, and for showing conscious effort in fixing it. If you patched it, I hope it's holding up. :3

- Slow down hotshot! You're browsing the site at your average speed, and our servers just don't like that! This isn't a ban, but keep it up and we'll accuse you of botting!
Can something be done about this? I wasn't even doing anything quickly. I hopped into a thread, read a bit, and tried to hit "back", and got that message 3 refreshes in a row. What about those of us that vend? We shouldn't be worried about being banned because we browse the site quickly, in a totally legal manner. I'm afraid to vend now.

- Cards needs an overhaul as well. It seems like all of the free parts of Gaia are breaking down left and right, huh?
Tokens aren't registering thread here, and Cards and Slots both are apparently glitchy enough to remove avatar faces. While the latter isn't a very big deal, it's still annoying to see. It's just hard seeing that none of the games work like they should, and yet, they're not really being worked on or updated in any way.

- Now Cinemas and VJ are facing the exact same problems as towns. Not to mention the fact that we are getting redirected everywhere. I've been redirected while posting a message as well as have had several redirect attempts at once. Another user was redirected when they clicked on the My Gaia tab, and one of my friends keeps getting redirected as well. I hope that this is of very high priority right now, because Gaia isn't worth getting redirects that could potentially harm my computer.

This is a huge concern that members all over the site should be aware of. This thread gives a lot of information on the current crisis within towns, Rally, and all other flash environments. There are security holes within Towns that allows scriptors to redirect you to other sites without your permission, which could give you trojans, viruses, and cookie grabbers. Ultimately, your very identity is at stake. Bank account, Paypal, and any other personal information could be up for grabs. This is a huge issue, and personally, one that I can't believe Gaia would let take place. It needs to be of highest priority, and fixed immediately.

- Lately, Jigsaws has become glitched to where it doesn't grant out as much gold as it used to, or something along those lines (according to users in this thread). Also, a Jigsaw update, giving us more puzzles, would be great...if, you know, it actually gave out gold.

- Instead of working so hard on releasing new features, please, first, fix the many glitches that are greatly lowering the quality of Gaia. Fixing previous errors before moving onto a new project is always the best idea. No matter how many developers personally tell me that they do fix glitches, I won't believe it until I see something from below fixed. These are the most annoying, oldest glitches on the site.

- Listen to the users in Site Feedback and the Q&A who are finding major glitches, and then work fast to fix them. Word Bump took entirely too long for to fix and we are still disappointed about that. Just because the features are free does not mean they aren't as important. I have personally offered to go through and rewrite the entire Feature Suggestion stickies as well as add a ton of other things. Whether it's acceptable or not isn't the point, but the point is that it needs to be fixed, updated regularly, and maintained.

- Before spending so much time, energy, resources, and money on a new feature, try doing some research to see how well received it will be. This will save everyone a lot of hassle, and you will potentially save millions. Not to sound rude, or stuck up, but you don't know your users well enough, or else you would have known that we wouldn't like the Labeler, for example. After getting a ton of feedback about said Labeler, such as, "let us use nice labels, at the very least!", you haven't even done that. You put it out, ignored our displeasure, and then promptly forgot about it, moving on to the next project.

- In addition to that, the housing section of the arranger has lost many people a lot of items. No one is helping them reclaim them. No one is getting them their items back, or fixing the problem at all. I heard of one user losing an entire set of monthly collectible letters they were displaying in their house, and I don't think it's been resolved yet.
Things like this should not be happening.

- Aquariums brought about a glitch with signatures to where the aquarium somehow ends up on top of someone's post to where you can't read it. The only way to get around it is to use FlashBlock. Example: Link.

- Updates - (FUPD)

- Journals could also use an update. They don't match the forums (even though most people don't like how the forums look now, everything should still be consistent), and they could use some new features, like, perhaps, a mood setting, more customizing options for backgrounds, and such, and perhaps images like you can put on your profile, that would look like stickers or something. An option to feature your latest journal on your profile (not just links but the actual latest entry) would be good as well.

- We want the guilds updated. They're glitchy, they need a "subscribe to thread" feature, and there's many, many more suggestions all over Site Feedback and Petitions.
Updated! While browsing Ask the Admin, I found something interesting. Back on July 24th, 2007:


Guild is about to go through a re-write. Hopefully after the marketplace re-write but we'll still need to plan more.
Thread here. CTRL+F and search guild, you'll see it in a few clicks.
I just find it funny that it was mentioned in 2007 and still isn't completed more than a year later.

- Towns is overdue for an update, and there's so many things you could do. Changing seasons that actually change with the seasons. More bugs, trash, and flowers, and from there, more craftable items. Interactions, such as waving, dancing, bowing, etc., would generate more interest as well. It's always astoundingly popular in MMOs.
This will be an update for both Towns and Guilds: Guild Halls. This is a large house that would come with every guild or something. Big enough to hold plenty of members; the Captain, Vice Captain, and Crew members would be able to arrange furniture when given permission, and it'd be a great place for live guild meetings in avatar form (so, aside from GIM or meeting in a random Towns square.)
Please see FGAF for an even more important reason to update this.

- Homes is also overdue for an update. There are glitches to be fixed as well. Let us interact with our furniture. We could turn on/off TVs and lights. Live-arrange our homes (Habbo Hotel style, doing it while people are in the home), sit on furniture, lay on furniture (don't even bother saying that it will promote cybering. Users that would cyber do not need encouragement - they'll do it regardless). Multiple rooms and floors would be interesting too. It would be an amazing gold sink that many people would be interested in, especially if we could interact with the furniture. It would also generate more interest in furniture, and from there, open opportunities for cash exclusive housing items, but again, keep 'cheap' in mind. $5 for a chair will just upset users more.

- Fishing could use some glitch fixes and updates as well. More fish would be a good start. More bait and rods would be good too.
A fishing update is supposedly to be expected soon, after the release of a new casual game, which is in the final stages of development.

- We want the forums tweaked so that advertisements will not get in the way of posting. We want to see new features on the forums, such as bullets, numbered lists (you can do this, but there's no button for it, and you're only going to know about it if you frequent other BBS forums and know BBS codes), the ability to press CTRL+B, I, or U for Bold, Italic, or Underscore, etc. Also, when you highlight text to add a font option to it (such as bold), once you click the corresponding button, it scrolls you all the way to the top of your post again. It's made continuously editing this post a huge pain in the butt.
Also, we could really use a "Go to page ____" feature. It's so hard getting to the exact page you need in a large thread!

- An announcement update would be great. This could allow us to choose which announcements we get. And it doesn't hurt you in the long run if someone turns off announcements about the cash shop, because if they don't want them, they won't buy them no matter what. This could work on a 'tag' system. Announcements about KiKi's roadtrip would be tagged with KiKi. Then we simply filter it out. If email sites can do it, so can you guys.
Here is one user's suggestion on how to do this.

- Increase the signature limit. Coding shouldn't take up the character limit - it's really limiting our signatures. Worrying that this could be abused to get overly large signatures is silly, because it happens already.
Update! - Because you're so insistant upon letting us put flash based things in our signatures that are provided by Gaia, which has no regard whatsoever for dial up users, can you please increase the maximum bite size of our signatures? Most gifs won't work in signatures unless they're small and crappy (and thus, not worth having.) The NPC pictures with the VDay event go far over the byte size, and Gaia has not broken out into chaos (except for those of us that are annoyed that you didn't even think to check it). So please, just increase our limit to 300,000 bytes or something instead of the 100,000 bytes that we have now.
- Layout - (FLAY)

- I won't get into how I feel about the new layout. It has very much lost it's anime roots. But at the very least, could you please, please, please, please give us our little white wing back? Someone, not so long ago, made a very nice new logo that was just like our current one, but with the wing. A little bit of Gaia died when you denied him. In fact, he left the site completely, and he was an awesome user that dedicated so much time and effort to this site. It was not at all an impossible request. Five minutes of editing, tops.
According to the interview with Craig Sherman/Fin/CEO of Gaia, they won't be changing the logo any time soon.

zOMG! - (FMMO)

New! - I don't quite like the idea of all rings being soulbound. You've just made the game harder, further taken away the casual element of the game. So what if someone buys their way through with gold? That option should be available, especially if you want the game to be casual. Now, it's not, and I don't know about everyone else, but it's put me off of the idea of playing it. I don't play other MMOs because I don't care to devote months or years of my life to a game. I was extremely interested in zOMG! when it first came out, and loved playing it. But now, not so much.

- It seems that some changes have been made to zOMG lately. While recipe drops were fixed, I've been told that orb drops have become less frequent. I just don't understand why that was necessary, but it seems to me that this will only cause a lack of interest in the game. It's supposed to be a casual MMO. Wouldn't that mean an MMO you don't have to spend months or years on?
Update! Mm, delicious irony in the fact that double rate orb drop scrolls are on sale.

- I know that I am going to get my a** handed to me via insults about this, but, despite that, I truly feel that by pushing zOMG out earlier than intended, you screwed up. Obviously, you were on a deadline, and I understand that and can sympathize, considering I had a job that was deadline based as well. But there are still so many glitches.

- The memory leak problem really needs top priority right now. It's causing people to think that their computers are dying, and while I understand that it's an issue with Flash, it really is something that needs to be fixed.

- There are many, many glitches, and we would not have had to face these had zOMG been kept in closed beta. The glitches aren't being dealt with in a very timely manner (some of them) such as the Katsumi's Doll's quest which is on again off again, ring giving quests, Rubella's quest (it's not working on male accounts, it seems, is that supposed to happen?), etc.

- Something needs to be done with the crates and the fact that they're constantly stolen.

- After doing Katsumi's Doll's quest, I was very put off of any quest like it. I don't really enjoy being forced into a crew, which is completely necessary, and I also don't enjoy how difficult it is, nor do many other users. Even in a decent crew you get your a** kicked so easily, and it's a mandatory boss. I can understand this for an optional boss, but when it's mandatory, that's just a bit much, considering that for some reason, sometimes orbs are extremely hard to get, and that's the only way to get stronger.

- You could also do fun little events hosted by devs, like on a lot of other MMOs. RO especially comes to mind. There are games like 'Find the GM' where you have to find a GM based on hints that are given. That would be fun, and would most certainly create more interest in the game. Also consider that this would further help bridge the ever growing gap between users and devs. It could also be find the moderator. And finally, keep in mind that this would generate a ton of lag, so it would be a good idea to hold off on this until the servers are more stable.

- New Features to Consider - (FNFC)

- Long ago there was a rumored mining game that created quite a stir, at least in the GCD. Why not do that? That would be very widely accepted, I think. This is something that your users want and will actually use and enjoy, especially if becomes something like fishing to where we get new items, and with those, we can make equipable items.

- How about Gaia Tetris, like was requested long ago? And Gaia Solitaire, as well. There are a ton of games that your users want - you just have to find them and make them.

- Communication - (FCOMM)

New! I've noticed something lately that I'm actually rather disappointed about. A while back my friend told me that the Gimpi artist said:
Regrettably it was a cheap item $4.99 that lasted for a half a year now, so there was only so many poses I can add in the last stage XD There were many ideas on what else I could add...but again it has to live up to the price. In total there were 16 new item added on the final pose alone. So suck it up.

And then Lanzer said:
It's usually up to the artist, then there is a technical limitation to what our system can do. After the next upgrade, we can have more poses. Though having too many for one item might be hard to manage also.

I actually find this really...insulting, actually. Users are placing full trust in you, Gaia. They're forking over money for items that are complete mysteries to them - none of us know what they will become. While your buyers place this trust in you, I hate to see that they're rewarded by comments like the one above. Without any idea of what items they're going to end up with, they buy your EIs, and then when they have requests on said EIs, they're responded to with "It has to live up to its price."
I'm sorry, but that's rude. At least repay your customers by doing a bit of extra work because they're putting complete and utter trust in you, for Gods sakes. The price of the item shouldn't matter. I mean, sure, don't put in a ton extra, but at least show some gratitude to the people that are faithfully supporting your site! There were some simple, awesome requests from the Gimpi, and to be told just to 'suck it up' because it needs to 'live up to its price' is nothing short of an insult.
And excuses just won't fly, because we can use them too, and as an artist (and moreover, an EI artist) it's your responsibility to make sure that your customers are pleased. No one has to buy EIs that could end up horrible and rushed (ToT Tote, anyone?), but they do even after all of the s**t that goes on around here just to keep the site afloat, and because they like the items.
Update: The comment in question has been removed now.

At the same time, however, I've noticed more and more developers taking this kind of tone towards the users. Now, some of them are extremely helpful even if we had some differences. Others...not so much. Others, in fact, I've seen nothing but rudeness from, and I really don't think that that's a good way to present the company that you work for. We're customers, each and every single person here. Just because this is the internet doesn't mean that the rules don't apply; if you're rude to your customers, you're going to lose them. It's as simple as that. I don't care if you're frustrated or you've had a hard day - you don't take your bad moods out on your customers (the customers that your company wouldn't exist without, mind you.)

New! - I'm disappointed in the lack of announcements still to this day. Database crashes aren't even being announced. This really, really needs to change, guys.
This is the comment in question. It was completely and utterly uncalled for, especially when users have been crying out for updates about the site for so long. It made me lose faith in Gaia as a whole, and while I understand that that's not fair, I can't help it, unfortunately. This is becoming a growing trend that never should have started.

- I've noticed that, despite the many admins that have read this thread, there has been no move to announce glitches more, aside from the little bar that announced an avatar saving issue. That was really nice, and with some tweaking to the look of it, it could be a wonderful new part of the site; a wonderful way of keeping users up to date with the problems. I remember in 03 and 04, there were announcements daily about things being broken, and being fixed. I really miss that, and it was a great way to keep all involved informed about the issues.
This would stop mass bans related to glitched shops and potential glitch exploitation. It would solve a number of problems.

- Admin is cute. She really, really is. But by talking through her, we lost a bit of our communication with the devs and admins, which is a little disheartening, but no big deal. What we would prefer, however, is that we get updates more often. Updates on the progress of fixing a glitch, or updates for glitches to watch out for, or updates for things going behind the scenes. I see a lot of questionnaires in Site Feedback. But not everyone goes to Site Feedback, obviously. So please, we want to know when things are fixed via a site wide announcement (and it could be filtered out if the announcement update mentioned above is implemented). It'd be a small step to closing the gap that has formed between members and admins. A gap that didn't used to exist.

- Moderation - (FMOD)

- This site is poorly moderated, in the sense that there are just not enough mods. Considering the fact that you don't even pay your moderators (as all sites don't), we think there should most certainly be more. We need more in the forums, and we need more working on things such as VJ and Towns, working to prevent cybering, scammers, and scripters.

- You should always watch your moderators somehow to make sure they know what they're doing, what with the disgusting amount of site wide bannings as of late. We are tired of being afraid to do anything on the chance that we'll get banned for something we're not aware that we did wrong. Not everyone cheats, hacks, and exploits glitches. Some people don't even know what hacks or glitches are. You should also watch and make sure your moderators aren't corrupt. I'm not saying that any are, but it's a good thing to be watchful of.

- It would be a good idea for you to browse the forums, watch people and see if they'd make a good moderator. We know you already do this, or at least, used to, years ago, but there are a lot of us that want to be mods, and would be good at it. And they're all too willing. An example of a good moderator would be a patient person that will actually respond to PMs. Someone that can judge fairly and is always willing to help. Someone that doesn't take their stress out on others. Someone that won't lord their power of the other users or use their power to gain an army of loyal suck-ups, or use their power to get free stuff. And yes, a lot of mods definitely do the aforementioned.

- Bannings - (FBAN)

- Though this somewhat goes hand in hand with moderation, we have a big concern about the mass bannings. We should not be afraid of participating in the website, fearing that we'll be banned when we've done nothing wrong. Mass bannings should not happen unless you have substantial evidence that it wasn't just your screw up. On top of that, you should be able to immediately unban those there were unfairly banned. To ban someone that was truthfully innocent, and then never unban them is wrong, especially when it's usually a committed, paying customer. This leads us to further think you don't care about your loyal, dedicated users. If you think someone has a hacked or botted item, don't immediately ban them, but try to figure out where the item came from first. A lot of people - even those that pay the insane cash shop prices for you - are banned unfairly over this every day. We should not be afraid to accept generosity. Now I'm hearing stories about users that were banned unfairly, and are being told that they'll never be unbanned, even if found to be innocent. What is that? That's not fair at all.

- And though this, too, goes hand in hand with the moderators part, we think you should have more people that can deal with hacking and scamming reports. People have been waiting for years with no results. We don't understand how, when moderators are free for you. Not only that, but a lot of people, when they try to appeal their ban, are getting nothing more than an automated response. That's just awful.

- Broken Promises and Lying - (FBPL)

New! Goddammit Gaia, stop stealing your users' ideas. This is becoming an increasing trend and it's sickening. Unfortunately, we can't really complain because you guys are so damn good at it that there's no way for us to fully prove this.
I know that I had a detailed dscription of an item I wanted in my journal for years: Pink ribbons on either side of the head with a pair of bells with each ribbon. It became available for sale for cash in the Repo Lamp.
HerooftimeLink suggested a shield for VDay. It's now in the cash shop.
Of course we can't forget our beloved cash guzzling Aquariums, the b*****d child of an idea submitted time and time again by users for years.

Just cut it the hell out, it's not funny anymore. If you are so unoriginal and have such small imaginations that you must copy our ideas, at the very ******** least, copy them for gold shop or event items instead of twisting, mangling, raping and reforming our ideas until they're profitable to you.

What a low move, guys. You really suck.

New! Soo. The Darwin Awards. Where to start? You guys broke your own rules with this one. Not that that's an entirely new thing, but I'm still disgusted.
We get bitched at by Fleep and various users for requesting announcements about major problems concerning the site. You refuse to announce them. And what that says to me is that you don't want to fully admit to your screw ups. Panagrammic can post about it in his journal because, really, who all reads it? Not many people know that they can hunt down that kind of information, so damage control isn't required. But if you were to announce your mistake, the entire site would know, and I guess we just can't have that, can we?

But now, with these Darwin Awards, you were able to take the time to announce, "Hey! Our users ******** up and they're stupid!" Seriously, that's rude, and you're going out of your way to make fun of your customers. If you want to do that amongst yourselves in your office, cool. Knock yourselves out. But there's no reason to go out of your way to show that you've had users make stupid mistakes before. There's no reason to act like you never screw up but then be so damn happy and eager to point out the fact that there are users that have made stupid mistakes, and then go so far as to announce it. I was hoping this was fake, and just general, made up examples. But...no. No, it's real, and you guys really are going out of your way to make fun of your customers when you can't even admit that you guys make stupid mistakes as well. Need I remind you: "LOL REPORT YOUR BUGS AND PROBLEMS IN SF!"

You guys broke your own rules. I got an official warning for making fun of someone that I didn't even know was on the site. Not even a week later, you guys turned around and made fun of McCain for no other reason than because you could. And now, this. You guys are making fun of people that are or were on the site, which is exactly what I got in trouble for. I'm sick, and very, very tired of this. The double standards, the hypocracy, the law breaking, the rude staff, all of it. Gaia isn't worth it and you're losing users right and left.

This is what bothers me the most about this site. The lies and scamming, which I would expect from corporations, but not Gaia. Since I have to put the old thread back up anyways, I'm going to start taking note of all of the lies.

- You said you would never interfere with the economy when we asked you to help lower MC prices, but you always mess with the economy. You added a tax; that's messing with the economy. You manipulate the Daily Chance in way that manipulates the Marketplace prices. I'm not saying it's a horrible thing, but it's going against your word with no notification to the users as to why.

- You keep promising updates, glitch fixes, new features, new items, etc., but they've yet to come out. What about the contact shop, or the contacts in general? We never got them (except the one pair from the Olympics)...but you managed to release some as monthly collectibles and even in some evolving items. What about the music shop? What about the game from Prom? What about the weapon shop?

- The entire Gaia team is not at all in sync. One dev says one thing, and then another dev gives a completely contradictory answer. Either no one knows what's going on outside of their department, or you're so deep in lies that you can't keep them straight. Some of you say you're desperately in need of money - others say that no one ever said that. Communication is essential in any business; if it's not all lies, you need to talk to each other more so that everyone is on the same wavelength.

Awhile back, we nearly lost our casino because of some kind of issue with it being related to gambling. But isn't that essentially what we're doing when we buy OMGiftboxes, Nitemare Boxes, etc.? We're taking a gamble. Half the time when my fiance buys them for me, I get crappy store items. Why is it that that's okay? And why are you promoting gambling to tweens, anyways? Technically, that's illegal.

- Though there are still a few days left, the garage sale that we were promised (the one that would include the GRanger suits) hasn't come this year despite the fact that we were promised that it would.
Update! As of 2/13/2009, we still don't have our garage sale update. I'm ashamed. Honestly, this was promised so long ago. So where is it?

- We were promised that Gaia Cash items would generally be cheap and affordable:


• Release special items that cost way less than Collectibles (many Cash Shop items are 25 to 50 cents). One Gaia Cash card could last you a long time!

• Release special items that are even more crazy and complex than Collectibles (some Cash Shop items might cost more than $2.50).

Obviously wrong. Cash intrudes far more than it was originally intended to. Things are much more expensive than we were told they would be. And one cash card does not last you a long time.

- Gaia will not become a paysite. I understand that this hasn't happened, but I just want to point something out. When cash originally came out, apparently a lot of users expressed their concern over cash turning Gaia into a pay to play site. So much so, that it was stressed that it will not turn Gaia into a paysite in the original announcement.

Is this some sneaky way to turn Gaia into a pay site?
Absolutely not. Gaia will remain just as free as ever. We just wanted to make sure that the people who do choose to spend money on Gaia will just get a fair bargain for their money. Upcoming (optional!) items or features might use Gaia Cash, but they'll be worth it!

I think the least you guys could have done to alleviate such fears is to have kept prices minimal and fair and keep the cash shop less intrusive. Since it came out on July 23, 2007, there have been well over 38 cash shop updates.

- Stop Forgetting Things - (FSFT)
Here's a list of things you've forgotten to update properly that we all miss. These are things that were supposed to be updated frequently. You need to keep to updates that are/were promised.

- New Movie Mondays
- Mini Comic (we aren't even alerted when it IS updated.)
- Word Bump Bachelor Credits/Items (Has that been completely forgotten about? Is it gone now?)
- Gaia Quests. Not sponsorship quests.
- THE PLOT. We've got a lot of different, incomplete plots going on right now. How about mini plot updates between huge events, which usually start NEW plots anyways. There's the vampires, Ian x Sasha, the plot from the Olympics, Timmy, Gambino, etc. Too many.
- Going Postal. Come on, that hasn't been updated in forever.

- Budget & Income - (FBAI)

I understand that it's really none of our business how you spend your money, but regardless, I have some suggestions that may help you save money and earn money.

New! - Mmkay, I found something interesting last night. While browsing around, compiling information about artists, devs, admins, etc., and getting links to their journals for an upcoming project, I found a new developer that was hired in October. Shortly afterwards was the layoffs, and yet this dev was kept around. I'm not saying there's anything necessarily foul here, I just find it kind of funy that you fired 36 employees, some long time members, but didn't fire a new guy hired in October first.

- Advertise Gaia less. Currently, you're trying to pull in a ton of new users. Right now, you're mostly getting tweens that won't be able to pay for cash shop items anyway. That being the case, don't invest so much money in advertising Gaia. Instead, put up official banners that users can put on their own websites, and their signatures on other forums. I found Gaia in 2003 via some random user's webpage, which I found through Neopets. Advertising via word of mouth is generally ignored, even though it's a wonderful, free way to spread the word. A good example would be this thread, which has become what it is ONLY by word of mouth. Put up a referral system that works by, when a user joins, ask them "Who told you about Gaia?" and allow them to put in a username. Every new user brought in earns the referrer 100 gold or so. Word of mouth is so strong that it's actually working against you right now. People are complaining about Gaia to their friends. Their friends think, "Well gee, that sounds crappy. I won't waste my time." From there it'll just go on, and on, and on. Since you got wrapped up in the *chans as well, that's even more negative word of mouth going on. There are a lot of people that won't join for fear of being called a Gaiafag. You need to change those negative comments into ones of praise.

- Do more research before working on new features. Surprises are great, but it's sad to see things that your team worked so hard on be hated and ignored because they don't interest your current userbase. Yes, some users will use the feature, but it probably won't be enough. This will save you a ton of time and money.

- Delete old, unused information from the servers, which will free up space. Deleting threads isn't an easy decision to make because someone may be coming back to it. But you could, at the very least, delete all spam topics from the servers completely, and from there, browse old, dead threads in the chatterbox. Spam threads like "lol hi *insert emote spam here* with little to no replies. I know you have said again and again that you won't delete old users, but deleting ones that were justly banned (porn/gore trolls) would be a good idea if you can find a way to get around the problems that were mentioned. This also includes the items that are still on the server (the ones we got the day Daily Chance came out, the ones like the Angelic Rod that we can't use, but still exist).

New!- Word has been going on around that you are/you have cut down on conventions. I think that this is a good idea. And I think that the best place to start is with the convention in London. While it's a good idea to spread the userbase, right now it will only work against you. There are too many things working against out of the states users, such as US only sponsorships and the fact that many, many people outside of the US have no access to cash. You only bring in customers that will be unhappy.

- I have more suggestions, but they're more personal, and really, I'd feel rude for suggesting them. But all in all, you really should be more open to what your users are suggesting. There are tons of us, you know that, and some of us know what we're on about, even if it doesn't seem that way.

- Demographic - (FDEMO)

- We can tell that you are attempting to turn Gaia into the next Myspace or Facebook, and we can tell you now that if we wanted to be on Myspace or Facebook, we would be. We want Gaia to be Gaia. This was not intended to be a networking site like that. It was intended to be an anime website where you could hang out with people of similar interests. But you're causing a forum-wide war.
You have the original players, the anime-lovers (for the most part), and then you have the new audience you're trying to appeal to, the "Myspacers". We don't exactly get along, Gaia. And this is causing a lot of unhappiness for both the anime-lovers and the Myspacers.
On top of that, you seem to be trying to appeal to both tweens, teens, and adults. I can tell you now that that just isn't going to work. Those of us that cuss are most certainly not going to start watching what we say because you're gradually changing the rules. And you should know that tweens won't be able to buy cash anyways.
Pick one crowd and stick to it already.
A good example of what you're doing is a cartoon show that originally targets children. But then, to widen the audience, they add cursing and sex to the cartoon in an attempt to appeal to adults. You'll certainly gain adults with the new changes, but you'll lose the children. Proof lies in South Park. If the creators cleaned up the show, it would be no where near as popular as it is.
Update! For more information, see here.

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The page is stretched a lot for somet reason, but I have no idea what's stretching it...

Then again, ever since all of the changes, every page on gaia is stretched by an inch om my screen, so I can't see part of it...
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Gaia has Enraged me by moving your Topic to the Chatter Box its UNDENIABLE PROOF that gaia Only wants money form its users
and Nothing more

Also by moving the topic the Show No respect for us and they Also Clearly Do not care about our Complaints or just watch Maby they'll put the petition in chatter box to maby Further Delay us
Ah, finally, I get a chance to drop in for a reply.
As you know I agree with the OP in it's entirety. Though its odd to me that people are treating this as a new thread/idea when it previously had over 200 pages. Then again a lot of things about this situation are odd to me.

However! Tis not the place to discuss that.
What I will say is what I said before- gaia DOES do an admirable job from a technical standpoint, since it's tough to run an avatar website. I attempted it with my friends. Not easy. However they had a certain standard of quality before becoming a company. Things that were broken got fixed in a timely manner. Updates and such for free features came aplenty.

Now that's all changed, and I agree it seems their effort has switched to the pay features. Guilds, something I use A. LOT. have been broken for quite some time, as well as houses. One user had a collection of monthly letters, since 03 or 04, WITH duplicates of more recent years in her house on multiple shelves, she posted in Q&A because she edited her house and ALL her items were EATEN. I think these things are unacceptable, just because houses and guilds and other things are free doesnt mean you forget them.

Also, word bump. Whatever happened with that, eh? I still have some bachelor credits lying around.

Anyhow, I look forward to seeing this thread develop, AGAIN, and this time I'll be here from the beginning.
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User Image
The page is stretched a lot for somet reason, but I have no idea what's stretching it...

Then again, ever since all of the changes, every page on gaia is stretched by an inch om my screen, so I can't see part of it...

Odd. I think I'm fine because I have a large monitor, so I haven't noticed any stretching.
Do you have a low resolution, or something?

And this isn't off topic as it's trying to fix a problem with Gaia. Before anyone even goes there.
X-XxAzure KiteXx-X
Gaia has Enraged me by moving your Topic to the Chatter Box its UNDENIABLE PROOF that gaia Only wants money form its users
and Nothing more

Also by moving the topic the Show No respect for us and they Also Clearly Do not care about our Complaints or just watch Maby they'll put the petition in chatter box to maby Further Delay us

It was moved to the CB for off topic chatter. I do disagree with it, because I wasn't here to stop it (I can't be expected to be here all the time) and it was a mod participating in it as well. It's a big disappointment.

But like I said from the beginning, I absolutely refuse to give up.
Nicely Said! I hope one of the Staff better read this and better listen to it. Or else they'll continue to lose there fans.
Your expectations are too high.

Seriously. If Gaia sucks this much, why are you bothering to stay? Go to one of those creepy little alternatives that've been popping up all over the place.

Just to clarify: They don't care about me, and I don't care about them. It works for the both of us.
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Rainbow Seeker

If any mods are about, I would really, really like an explanation of why all the pages on gaia are now stretched TWO inches. It started as one, and I complained, because sometimes buttons were outside the limits of my screen because of it, but now it's TWO? That makes it even worse. Some things, a lot in fact, I can't see at all. This ONLY happens on gaia, no other website is affected, and it's only happened since all the new changes. What, do you think I'm going to spend money I don't have on a flipping widescreen just for gaia? How does that help you? mad

This is what my screen looks like now on gaia:


Please help me! I can't stand this problem...

EDIT: Fixed. ^^

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