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...I was a little fat b*****d, and the gym teacher put me in a 100m sprint with other fatties and one of the fastest kids in our year (he was black)...
...the teacher obviously thought none of us would be able to put any pressure on the black guy.

BUT BOY WAS THAT b*****d WRONG. I kept up with the black kid up until the the finish line.

I will tell my kids of this story.
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until the finish line exclaim
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Aw, s**t.
I just jizzed myself midway.
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Did you run or roll? confused
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Super Sex Symbol

until the finish line exclaim
Obviously I wasn't going to win, he was black.
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very nice

my school didn't separate the fat kids, so it was really bad when we had to do like 40 laps I think it was for the p.e. test..
and the girl's teacher was such a hard a**, since the boys teacher would give them like 2 or 3 laps and the girls would have to do 20 and right after start playing football or something.. User Image
ugh. this reminds me of conditioning for dance. x_x it was the worst. my body would hurt for days, and then, in a few more days, we would do it again. it was a weekly thing. fuuuuuu. I do not miss that. bahaha.
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my hero emotion_kirakira
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my PE teacher back when I was a freshmen in college thought I'm a weak b*****d because of my skinny figure

when we did warm ups a lot of my classmates already give up and start panting when we did like a 10 minute jog
but a few fit people and me completed it w/o resting lol
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Have to pee LOL BRB
Did you run or roll? confused

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