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AVPM all the way heart
its lord of the rings mannn
i mean youve got the magic and the fighting all in one movie. It's the best of all three worlds even though it takes place in who knows where.
Middle earth =3
lotr then star wars
harry potter sucks
lord of the rings lol harry potter then str wars lol
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I love all three, but I admit I'm wayyyyyyyyyyyy more involved in the fandom - especially shipping! :3 - of harry potter. biggrin
that is a hard choice XD I love all three of the choices. I would have to say Harry Potter, though, with Lord of the Rings and Star Wars coming in close second.
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heart heart heart heart
geisha sayah
Star Wars... Hands down!
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Lord of the rings and star wars forget harry potter
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LOTR by far.
STAR WARS can't compare. Episode V cannot be denied, and parts of Episode III are deliciously badass, but still. There is more intelligence and badassery in the first ten minutes of Fellowship than in all the SW films combined.

Harry Potter?
Delightful movies. No, really. But they don't matter that much to me.
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Star Wars have the best fighting so Star Wars all the way.
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Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter then Star Wars

I like all but LOTR tops the lot
1- Star Wars
2- Lord of the Rings
3- Harry Potter
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How can you decide they are all so different?

Agreed, fer sher.
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LoTR then Star Wars theN Harry Potter

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