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LotR: Better story, better setting, better style.
Star Wars (origional series): best premis, best quotes.
Harry Potter: best character progression.

LotR overall is the best.
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Star Wars!!!
I gotta say that Lord of the Rings probably has the most imagination and magic too it. I love the story line and wish I lived in the Shire. Lord of the Rings all day!
first is lord of the rings its awsome in everything best is the music 2nd starwars nice music too and good sci fi and harry potter its ok
Well, I could never get into Star Wars, never read the LotR books or seen the movies, so Harry Potter. I am going to check out The Hobbit and read that then read the other books. Then I'll watch the movies. smile
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I haven't gotten round to reading Lotr but it seems to be very original and I haven't seen many star wars movies. But they're both great.
i say harry potter lords of the rings and hey star wars u suck heart luv~Amanda visit my profile twisted
Old SW
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There's no way anything could trump LOTR. However, I am a fellow lover of Star Wars and Harry Potter. LOTR is just the ultimate classic! But only in the books (though the movies are pretty dang good). Star Wars is an uber amazing series of movies. xd And Harry Potter -- it's in my top favorites of books. 3nodding I don't know how Star Wars and HP place, but LOTR is totally on the top.
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Lord of The Rings! Harry Potter is a close second and I also like Star Wars, but LOTR is definitely my favorite.
lord of the rings, all the way baby!
Lord Of The Rings all the way! biggrin
Personally? I would pick Lord of the Rings, why? What can I say? I like the old era of earth, in movies anyways. lol.

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