Hey guys I have been looking for a long term role play so if you are interested please keep reading.

I only have a few terms for people who wish to role play with me and those are:

-Please keep it semi-lit. I don't expect a novel every time you reply but I would appreciate more than one line. To be honest I know everyone gets writers block and that is forgivable as long as it is not a permanent thing.

-I am very open with plots and sexuality (though I do prefer someone who is not afraid to take it one step further). Right now I am looking for a hetero story where I am the submissive female but again I am very open and can play anything.

-As I mentioned before I am looking for a long term role play so if you are not up for that I will not be happy if you get my hopes up by responding to this.

-Lastly I am very flexible with how we role play, so if you don't like it here then I have e-mail and IM that we can chat through.

If you are still interested after reading those then please send me a PM and we can get our role play party started!