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Hey there!
Just doing a little promotion of my webcomic Jobo.
Recently reviewed on Drunk Duck

"This is a strange one. Delightfully creepy... In a distopic future world world a lone scientist creates a artificial human boy, his life's work. Then he kills himself. Poor jobo is alone and unfinished. And there the story ends for him, till many years later... a broken Jobo wakes into a broken world populated by more artificial people just like him. What went wrong?
You'll see shades of Pinocchio, Edward Scissorhands, AI, and even Return to Oz here in this sideshow world. The art is interesting, it's a developing style, mostly quite dark and sepia tone, nicely complimenting the creepy, future-antique feel of the story.
Read Jobo, By Jobo, rated M."

I'll admit, the artwork starts out not that great since It was originally created years ago, but It definitely improves as the storyline builds up.
I'm trying to gain a bit more readers and I figured this site would be a perfect place to start.

--If you're interested, just click the banner in my sig. And, if you would like, leave a comment on the site to let me know you stopped by

--Okay I'll go now.