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I took the pathway to a JDHKJDFHKJDHF anime.
Will you, Natty?
They should draw Rin in his real daddy's outfit. Or Mephisto's. Would be pretty cool.

AND...they should've made his brother more cool too. OTL
I say the series would've been better if they were fighting alongside each other...and that blonde girl looks like the one in the pokemon game...in the opening...she looks like she had a Cacturne too. LOL!
Well, Why should they have made the brother cooler? D:
It would be.. You know.. Balanced. o.o

Almost always have to have a badass one and a semi badass one.
Its the way of life!
And for some reason plots!

She does.
I was like "So.. Pokemon girls are sneaking into animes? GET EM."
Balanced is good. If there's no balance, things can't exist in this world.
Plus, I think an anime with two twin dudes with super cool powers would be pretty cool. They don't even have to change much either...just fix his hair and take away 2 of his moles and he'd have more fans for sure. XD

You need plot because plotless stories are just a pile of s**t.. >_>

I was LOLing...when I was like Hey this chick looks like Bianca. And then...in the opening, CACTURNE I CHOOSE YOU! XD
Mmhm, Nuff said right?
:// <----------- Flat chin.

I like his hair. : D Those moles gotta go though, So yea, That's about the only thing I would change.

Need plot in life too, Or else, Your just bland.

I think everyone thinks she looks like Bianca.. : D
I think one mole would be okay. AND SHE DOES. But she's not that cute pretty or whatever for Rin to like her in my opinion. She seems okay with his bro. D:
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I've been gone for a while -.-|||
Too much work for now!
Everyones avi is nice |||>_>
[Attacks Snow and cuddles]
You've been gone?
I've been gone deary.

And I know. D:
Rin doesn't seem the type to like her type.
She is cute, Alittle too cute, But he seems fine alone.
Her with Yukio, Nuff said.
/waves at Snow

I honestly do think her and Yukio make a better couple. XD
I mean, they're both super nice and stuff. They'd get along right?
So much better together.
Yukio needs more hair..
Longer hair.
Its fine the way it is. D:<
But it's so...SHORT lol. D:
Needs to be longer..

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