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I need new KPOP songs guys sweatdrop
List all your favorite songs below! 4laugh Kamsamnida!! heart
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Are there any groups you like? Style of music?
I really like ZE:A's "Never End", GD's "That XX", VIXX's "Rock Ur Body", C-CLOWN's "Solo", BTOB's "Irresistible Lips" & "Insane", miss A's "Good Bye Baby", & a whole lot more.
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that xx (gd),
sexy free and single (suju),
from u (suju),
gangnam style (psy),
you and i (iu),
ok (b1a4),
beautiful target (b1a4),
crush (b1a4),
you are my girl (b1a4),
only one (b1a4),
please dont go (onew and jonghyun [shinee])
in your eyes (onew [shinee])
spectacular (z:ea)
hey girl (b1a4)
star (minhyuk [cn blue])
spy (suju)
only u (suju)
unbreakable (bap)
bounce (jj project)
hooked (jj project)
answer the phone (f. cuz)
venus (hellovenus)
doradora (u-kiss)
love ya (ss501)
as ever (hongki [ft island])
you've fallen for me (yonghwa [cn blue])
stranger (shinee)

lol, maybe i made the list a lil long, but chances are u probs havnt heard them all and i tried (TRIED) to put some variety into it XP lol
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Tasty- You know me emotion_awesome
Anything from 2NE1 (especially I Love You)
Anything from SHINee
Anything from BIG BANG(alive album heart )
GD that xx, one of a kind, butterfly, don't go home(GD/TOP), heartbreaker, oh yeah(GD/TOP feat. BOM) a boy
Jay Park I Love You
Teen Top to you
Busker Busker if you really love me, cherry blossom ending
4minute volume up
B1A4 baby i'm sorry
Btob insane
BEAST/B2ST beautiful night
CN Blue hey you
Infinite be mine, the chaser, come back again
MBLAQ this is war, mona lisa, baby u,
Dalmatian E.R, that man opposed
Epik High exuses(feat.MYK)
Ailee's cover of jyp don't leave
EXO-K/M mama, history, what is love
nd much more
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Favorite Kpop songs (Just a few):
B1A4-Beautiful Target
Beast/b2st-Beautiful Night
Jay Park-Know Your Name
J.Y.Park-Only One
SuperJunior-Sorry Sorry
SuperJuniorM-Super Girl
TVXQ-Mirotic and Balloons
EXO-What is Love
Anything 2ne1and BigBang
Hmmm I have a lot at the top of my head rolleyes
Gdragon- Crayon
BigBang- Monster
U-KISS- Stop Girl
U-KISS- Amazing
ZE:A- Here I am
TeenTop- Crazy
TeenTop-Be Ma Girl
2pm- Electricity
F(x)- Hot Summer
2NE1- I am the best
2NE1- Can't Nobody
EXO-K- Mama
EXO-K- History
SHINee- Dazzling Girl
SHINee- Sherlock
B.A.P.- Warrior
B.A.P.- Crash
Super Junior- Spy
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2AM - I Did Wrong
2NE1 - I Am The Best
2PM - electricity,hands up
4Minute - volume up
APink - --my my
After School - Because Of You
BAP - Warrior
Beast - fiction
Big Bang - all of them
Brown Eyed Girls - abracadabra
EXO - mama
f(x) - electric shock
Girl's Day - oh my god
Girls' Generation - gee
Infinite - the chaser
Jay Park - tonight,know your name
JJ Project - Bounce
MBLAQ - Y,mona lisa
Miss A - touch touch
Nu'est - Face
Rain - hip song
SHINee - ring ding dong
Shinhwa - -- venus
Sistar - Alone,so cool
Super Junior - sorry sorry,mr simple
Sunny Hill - The Grasshopper Song
T-ARA - cry cry
Tablo - Tomorrow
Teen Top - Supa Luv
UKiss - --amazing
Wonder Girls - so hot
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Let's see, there's so many....

Jay Park-Know Your Name
B1A4- Beautiful Target
Beast- Beautiful Night
Anything my Phantom, BigBang, 2NE1, SuperJunior.
f(x)- Nu Abo and Electric Shock
J.Y. Park- You're the One

and much, much more.
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there are so many good songs!

SHINee:Sherlock,Get It,Quasimodo,Replay,Lucifer
Super Junior: Spy,From U,No Other,Don't Don,Sorry Sorry,It's You
DBSK:Mirotic,Hug,Rising Sun,Wrong Number,Crazy Love,Beautiful Life
FT Island:Love Sick,I wish,Don't Love,Missing You,I Will Have You
CN Blue:Love Light,I'm a Loner,Love Love Love,Love Girl,I Will Forget You
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I've got some too ^-^

Infinite- The Chaser,Can U Smile,Nothing's Over,Only Tears,Be Mine
MBLAQ-It's War,Y,Cry,She's Breathtaking,I Don't Know
Epik High- Run,Fan,One,Wannabe,Umbrella
tvxq- catch me
gain- bloom
secret- poison

(they have really awesome mv's too C smile
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