Self published. Which was a HUGE downer for me, because I thought I legitimately had the chops to do it pro. But it's been fun finally getting to FINISH projects instead of revise/reject/revise/reject/revise/reject/SCREAM AT ENTIRE WORLD/revise ect times infinity.

And if you want inspirational, I have numbers.

*Goes and gets numbers*

I started in July and sold a grand total of ONE book.
August: 3
October: 36
And so far in November: 18 books.

Most of these are my sci-fi book. That's over here. (and it got its FIRST REVIEW TODAY omg I'm kinda glad I started talking about it now)

Traffic on my blog has been growing steadily, too. I am not sure if it is connected to my books as my newest book, This Found Thing has sold a grand total of two copies. And I know one of them was to my Dad.

So not exactly what I'd call inspirational, but that's what self publishing looks like from my end of the fence. Call it what you will. As long as "A **** load of hard work" is included in that description, there.