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Emiya Kiritsugu D:
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Genkai (Yu Yu Hakusho): Died once, I bawled like a baby, then came back, by which I felt stupid, and when she actually died at the end of the anime, I shrugged it off.
Kagero from Ninja Scroll
Angelica from Gunslinger Girl (her death in the manga is more depressing, because they draw it out over a longer period)
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Hughes from FMA/FMAB I bawl like a baby when he dies, the funeral with Elicia's questions makes it even more painful crying
Saya from Black Cat even though this happens early on in the series, it's just.... just.... GAWD! I FEEL YOUR PAIN TRAIN OKAY!? crying
The deaths of L, Mello and Matt killed me inside, just like Hughes's, especially with the death Matt had. crying crying crying crying crying
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Here in the open space, where something seems to float and not fall...
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Her name is Lucina and she's come from the future to kick evil's a** (and impersonates Marth along the way)!
Back in time,
in the time, all the time,
Up and Down,
Every time I'm flying back in time!


If we count Manga too, I'm adding Sigurd, Azel, Lex, and Ayra... from Seisen no Keifu....just so sad...[Yes, I know full well, they're fated to die (Given that manga is based on a video game... and well, they die in game at that point)... but that manga made their deaths in the Battle of Barhara that much more poignant (and actually killed Azel, who had a chance to have lived in game)... it was horrifyingly touching... Sigurd's death was the worst on top of that.]

In the Time, One more Time!
One more Time!
Always Up and Down, Every time!
I'm flying high!

I can feel the madness slow down...
I'm the master of time!

Mikage from 07 ghost D: I was so sad when he died . Felt so bad for Teito. I wanted them to live a happy life together T-T
Oh and when everybody dies in Grave of The Firefly. The movies was good but I dont think I will ever be able to watch it ever again. It was too real and made me so depressed. War is such a sad thing T-T
Itachi (naruto shippuden), Ulquorria (bleach), Ichiru (vampire knight), Hichigo (bleach), Ace (one piece), Kaien (bleach), Lelouch (code geass), L (death note), Matt (death note), sabo (one piece), Minato (naruto shippuden), Keisuke (togainu no chi).
They all died... A lot of them were my favorite characters in the entire show. xp
Spike from Cowboy Bebop
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Yeah, a good chunk of my favorite characters seem to get killed off.
Crona from Soul Eater
Kamina...but I'm pretty sure that was the plan all along. He was too cool to live.
Hughes from FMA
And Greed for that matter, though he lasts until the finale in Brotherhood.
Wolfwood from Trigun.

And the Major from Ghost in the Shell....but she gets better. I hated that they made Batou look and feel like a dumbass for taking it so hard. It was like their words were aimed at me.
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Inori from Guilty Crown. All the obvious ones have been posted and this is from a very recent Anime so it came to mind instantly.
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Genkai (Yu Yu Hakusho): Died once, I bawled like a baby, then came back, by which I felt stupid, and when she actually died at the end of the anime, I shrugged it off.

She was really old, though. Like, 89.

Wolfwood from Trigun.
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uryuu ryuunosuke and caster from fate/zero.
i knew they were going to die but still, damn. they were my favorites.
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Hughes, like always Maes Hughes from Fullmetal Alchemist. I cried so hard when I first saw his death scene... The funeral with his daughter just made it worse crying
Deidera -Naruto
Ulquiorra- Bleach
Jiriya- Naruto
Donut-Red vs Blue emotion_awesome

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