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does that mean ur sick of it
No, that's the raised-eyebrow "what the crap" face.
OO i was bored and i am actually gettin sick of doin this but it will b over with in 2 or 3 days


heh ninja

word # 7?
"The ******** do we really need to cut this out?"
Lol i made up distractified word number 8
NOOOO crap damn s**t b***h whore mother ******** slut hoe I cant curse tonite so i gotta let it out somehow

technichally, crap, whore, slut, and hoe aren't curseing
******** is and i actually wrote that out why is it starred now
I finished my History project!!


That's due tomorrow ^^;
cool and haha u had a ******** history project for a ******** bitchy teacher
Eh, well at least I got it done.
true true little miss im gonna curse every 5 minutes in front of little kids

Shut up. At least it's done and over with.

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