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i'm sitting here as we speak trying to win the last 30 secs of a bid, but every 4-5 secs the clock would keep resetting to 30secs. u think its worth my time? i want the item its expensive but i hate how the clock keep resetting -.-'
I think it's worth it, but as I only just learned about it last week, I haven't yet seen any item that I was 'OOOOOHHHHHHH I HAVE TO HAVE IT!!' about.
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The only item in bid blast that ever appealed to me was Bom Bom the Bunny, but I already had one.

Its worth it if you win, but it can also be a tremendous waste of time if youre not serious about it.
Someone like me with a life and a job can't possibly hope to win anything from there.
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In my very honest opinion, no.
Only because I was bidding for Chimi, and it was at 50k and with 30 seconds left. I figured they'd be bidding and resetting the timer for another hour, so I came to the GCD and browsed threads for a while, then went back.
It was now at 150k, with, oh look! 30 seconds left on the timer.

It's a waste of time and Gold, really. Ideally, Gaia should remove the timer resetting, which in turn would mean more people might actually try and win, which them means it's a more sucessful gold sink.

Anyway, that's just my two pennies worth on the subject.
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I do not think it is worth it.

It does end eventually, there is a time and date somewhere that states when the individual item will expire.
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I don't think it's worth it at all. I forgot what item that I was bidding on once but I felt like it was a waste of time. I had the money, lord knows, to get it at the low price it was compared to the MP but it was such a pain! It keeps getting reset to the point where I just wanted someone to win and it didn't have to be me! I kid you not I spent a little over 2 hours trying to win this item so I just gave up. neutral
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No, it's not worth it. The time reset is common for penny auction websites, but these websites also have pages upon pages of auctions and way more than 3 timing out at once in one location.
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Not worth it. You end up paying gold for the hope of buying the item, but chances are you're not even going to get it, so you're just throwing gold down the drain. It's generally better to go for the sure thing over the gamble.
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It's definitely set on a faulty execution of a concept. There's ways to make it better. As it stands though...no.
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Lazarus Larkin
Not worth it. You end up paying gold for the hope of buying the item, but chances are you're not even going to get it, so you're just throwing gold down the drain. It's generally better to go for the sure thing over the gamble.

Well said. People seem to forget that you pay gold for the tickets regardless so depending on your luck/skill/timing/karma you might end up wasting a good chunk more than you thought.

I'm guessing that the tickets are the gold sink part - it certainly looks like throwing money in Bass'ken lake. Personally I prefer to sink gold by going on spending sprees in the gold shops. At least there I'm guaranteed to get something out of it.
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No. I don't see why you would willingly waste your gold.

Seriously. I don't understand why people waste their money on anything
instead of saving it. Guess I have willpower. emotion_dowant

the rats in the c e l l a r you know who you are
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It's only worth it if you win...but your chances of winning are astronomically low unless you bot or something that lets you bid without actually being there.
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Like anything else on Gaia, if you want to profit from it you have to ~work~ for it.

If you're not willing to work for it, then no. It's not worth it.

I know I'm not willing, therefore I don't play 3nodding
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I wanted to do it for the spaniel but then I was like, I would never win him so I gave that idea up. Plus, I apparently can't save for him either...so he's a pipe dream. Pity, I love the breed.

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