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Ok. In shounen comics, or Inuyasha specifically, we have the same type of scenarios. Schoolgirl life. Deciding who the girl loves early on. And Inuyasha wasn't loyal, he just didn't want his face driven into the dirt. It's not until the first chick he loved finally died. And that robe thing he and sesshoumaru wore were girly as hell: they looked like Hanboks. Not to say they looked bad, just that they look like Korean girls' apparel. Keeping in mind that the main female character is a complete Mary-sue, while her lover is more shallow than a Gary-stu.
The American names weren't that bad. Most were just different pronunciations, or shortened versions.The only terrifyingly bad one was instead of V-chan, the Tokyopop version called her "V-babe". And a lot of the mangas that are more gruesome are horror. The Sailor moon manga can get pretty scary, and rarely focuses on schoolgirl life. There's like, 5 chapters tops where she's at school. And Sailor Moon was already engaged to him before the Silver Millennium ended anyway.

Deciding who teh girl loves early on?
Unless you count that as fate, or something like that, there's no mention of deciding early on in Inuyasha. Inuyasha IS loyal. He was loyal to Kikyo, even after she tried to kill him. He still tried to look for her and tried to save her to the very end. I call that loyal.
Oh, come on. They so do not look like Hanboks. Hanboks have gigantic red dresses. Inuyasha might wear a ruddy red robe, but its still pants. Sesshomaru's outfit wasn't that girly either. Alright, the fluffy thing over his right shoulder was a bit strange, but he had metal spikes and armor too. And you're right, Kagome didn't have many flaws. But Inuyasha did have a flaw, and it was the aforementioned staying loyal to a chick who tried to murder him.
I don't know of any other animes that change the characters' japanese names into english names. Or maybe im just not thinking enough.
Bleach? Nope. Naruto? Nope. Dragonball Z? Nope.
Inuyasha rarely focuses on schoolgirl life. Except for the bits of her at school where Inuyasha swoops in with a bandanna over his ears, and her graduation, there's really not much school for her to be worried about.
Inuyasha has more blood and gruesomeness than Sailor Moon. Ehm, example, Inuyasha sticking his hand clear through Yura-of-the-hair's boobs, and the scenes where some demon's slaughtered an entire village with blood and disembodied heads everywhere. There's more, too. And Inuyasha's not horror.
The first dub of DBZ changed some names (not done by funmation). There is also: YuGiOh, Pokemon, Digimon, Beyblade (I think), speed racer, Robotech, Voltron, Tokyo Mew Mew, and others. Most anime dubbed/ manga translated before 2000 had at least one name change (in which Sailor moon was dubbed around 1995 and translated about 1997 or so). The worst is probably Speed Racer (which actually called in Japan Mach Go Go Go! or some s**t).Not sure about Inuyasha being more gruesome. Bunny watched her boyfriends face melt off. Then she watches her friends be drowned and burned alive. Anytime the enemy is killed is fairly creepy, as Naoko likes to melt people's faces for some reason. And then there's Zirconia, which is terrifying altogether.
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inuyasha because it was more interesting. plus they had pretty cool characters outside their inuyasha, kagome, shippo, miroku, sango circle.
I do like inuyasha, but I also like sailor moon. And can you even compare the two? It's like comparing candy to chicken confused
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i like the anime of Inuyasha better then sailor moons but i like the sailor moon manga better then Inuyasha, but you really can compair them any more then that. there way to different
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You can't really compare the two, one is a girl series, and the other was made for boys.
Inuyasha, definitely. <3
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I really like Inuyasha. heart
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IF you can even compare these two, I'll go with Inuyasha, definitely. It has way more depth, way more... pepper? Sailor Moon starts to get really boring because every single series is exactly the same style: a little bit of a storyline, a bad one appears, the sailors fight them and win, another tiny bit of storyline. fin~ kinda like that.
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This thread got blind-sided by Sailor Inuyasha fangirls.
I made a dumb promise to have nothing to do with Inuyasha but in the end I still am attracted to it so I tend to go out of line. I like Sailormoon- ordinary girls living extraordinary lives and fighting over evil- but honestly I prefer Inuyasha more: when I was a kid I was hoping I turn 15 and something like this would happen to me... now I'm 17 and I know the truth between fiction and reality but... I still daydream about these things and create my own situations- such as a twist of thumbelina stories, me being a main character in some wonderland, and a lot lot more~ heart
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Sailor moon. the story line is amazing and the characters are so lovable heart
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Inuyasha i hate sailor moon neutral
Both heart

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