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I declare this month SPAM ALL THE GIFTS DECEMBER.

TIME TO SEND OUT THE GIFTS! 0.24242424242424 24.2% [ 16 ]
Remember to put in a hint! 0.045454545454545 4.5% [ 3 ]
SPAM EVERYONE WITH GIFTS OF LOVE. 0.25757575757576 25.8% [ 17 ]
20k pages! AHHH, CELEBRATE! 0.28787878787879 28.8% [ 19 ]
Love, the IL staff 0.16666666666667 16.7% [ 11 ]
Total Votes:[ 66 ]
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Madame Lee

I did that last year so I know how that is
I am here if you need me
*hugs* it will be ok


I know right I wish they would too
or at least put a rig in there for a chance to me in the next rig
or some thing of that notion.
I would get rigs if there was one I like but eh

Thank you so much! :3
I've never tried this rig before! emotion_kirakira
And I knoooooowwww. I don't like the rigs they have out at all. Build a Snowman and Comfy Corner were the last two I had any luck at with. >.>
And the only rig item I really want is Devilry Kitten Star but those rigs are so expensive and theres little to no chance I'll get it anyway. xD
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              wishlist is updated always.

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        ♚/hugs/ im here
        my name is pamela actually LOLOL <:
        i put lala on my profile b/c.. just b/c ninja

        xhuu is working atm
        suzy is... .... ... idk she stopped replying to me on skype cry
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if any thing I want cavern depth to come back
only because it gave back a lot of charms if you failed
not to mention I made 1 tril out of a 100 pack of them
gah I need just the president sweater and then I can make the white dragon

thanks aka
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Invisible Phantom


Nice pun cx
I'm all bundled in my coat and slippers since I live in the basement
it gets super cold xD

Thanks for the item boo <333
Hello everyone !
how are you all?
it's so cold here :c
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Ice-Cold Guest

such a tiring day
for me today
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bleh i am booooored
and i wanna new avi but i dunno what to put on...

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