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I don't.
How do you not use a herald? You can't play without one in your deck... ninja
Avalon has great heralds if you use them right. The deck can't be used without a herald to lead the forces(as previously stated.)
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Masquerade! Paper faces on parade. Masquerade!

Wow. If you do not use your Herald, you are playing wrong, plain and simple. I would suggest revisiting your strategy and deck as a whole because you will lose far too often if you have this mentality going on.

Hide your face so the world will never find you.
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I use Royal alchemist. :fauxawkwardface:
Anyways, which Heralds and factions do you have? I'm sure we can come up with a strategy for it~
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So you let your herald stay at the home portal and just use the units that can be summon?
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Wait 'till you get Cadogan.
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Their are only 6 heralds I consider useful and those 3 That feel differently about are as good as a 24 cost unit for a herald
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the only herald i see as an issue is Delythe which sucks cause its the only non-starter i have T.T

some arguments can be made about: Raykl, Furliss and Keljana which is really bad because they're all from the same faction xD but they do pretty well in their own sense

but Delythe has scout, which isnt really saying much unless you're newer to the game and dont know where everything is located (also a little hint; if a cataclysm is happening more often than not it will have or lead to a mana well wink )

i dont see why people dislike keljana just because of her special, she is really good as a solitary unit just like most dragons, can even put her with a few high HP meatshields and she'll do great

also for some reason the demon faction *eyes rolling* has a problem with the new succubus? obviously her specials alone should indicate she isnt meant for one on one battles which seems to be what the demon faction wants in their heralds, suggestion: use DD instead

i actually use a demon and avalon deck, and i would probably switch between dd and succubus if i had her, and would always use the other as a hero, they're both quite worth their cost

raykl, yes his special was changed, but even if he isnt a faster unit, the stun will always happen first (if it works) before any faster unit can act, this also means if that unit were to use a special, and perhaps change his property, again scout isnt very useful if you know the map already sweatdrop

furliss is also a unit that isnt quite suitable for battle, but has the attuner 15 kicked in yet? o: if it has she will be very usefull on the map especially for people having a hard time with those high cost dragons

i cant really say much about the other heralds, corwin is still an amazing herald even though he lost his veteran, cadogan is a beast i dont think anyone could (or should >.> ) complain about his usefullness and i havnt used the fallen one yet, but i believe her to be a very decent herald especially for those who like to pin down enemies and portal rush (so she might be really annoying to the opponent)
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I know it's almost heretical to do anything other than bash the RA, but I've found him to be pretty useful, and regularly keep 2 in my Deck.

The way I see it is HoC is in many ways, a numbers game. If one side is sufficiently larger than the other, their odds of winning are pretty good, and even a Unit with 1 Health can potentially deal the fatal blow to an enemy.
Yeah, 25 Health is not a lot, but if I can keep a damaged Unit alive for another round, and allow it to make one more Attack, (especially Units that have a Veteran property and get stronger with each Battle), I see that as valuable.
And the fact that the RA has a 50% chance of completely healing after a Battle is another little perq that shouldn't be ignored.

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