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What's the point of questing? I got this reply through PM , I offered on an iten.

" Tough Luck Kid ! That item is actually an uncommon drop. The other owners and I are working together for profit and we are going to make lots of it. smile Don't worry! I have plenty of other nice things in my store, that's if you can afford anything! Please stop wasing my time or you will go on my ignore."


****** you cry
wow what a jerk !!!
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what a greedy d**k lol

just save your gold and find a decent seller
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lol That's sad... But it's the only way someone can make gold besides spending real money on Gaia.
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What a p***k.
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im impressed by true entrepreneurship on gaya
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what item is it
and who said that
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That was rude, I kinda wanna know who it is so I won't buy anything from them gonk
Leraje Agares
What a p***k.
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Sheesh. this guy takes his gaia seriously
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Kill that bish!
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what an a*****e
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That guys' a d**k. He needs to have his account banned.

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