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i still need help btw if ppl are still willing, ive gotten a few messages asking that
and now im bumping my own board... no shame heh
P.S Seeking help like that, here in Gaia? Bad choice.
well i dont really want to tell anyone in real life yet
Heya, sorry but I don't have enough time to PM you.
I was abused as a child so if thats what you are referring to i know from experience how awful it really is.
My advice is do whatever you can to not be alone in the room with whoever the person is.
and maybe if you are young person in highschool, see the school counsellor about your problem, they are meant to keep it secret, but you can ask them not to tell anyone to make sure.
Also there are kids helplines etc that you can call to help you out, about any problem.
If the problem is that you are wanting to have a relationship with a family member?? I would say don't because that just doesn't seem very healthy... anyway hope you pull through, just stay strong no matter what crap in life is bringing you low, thats my motto 3nodding
I hope you and your mom got s**t straightened out. I bet daddy is pissed.
You should talk to a school councler who can help you.
if you happen to have a crush on a sibling or something, dont worry too much, its (sort of) natural BUT the thing is you dont really love them romantically. its like a mindtrip, sounds like Im full of crap but it does happen.

If its sexual abuse you should stand up against them. they exert their dominance on you so what would be so bad about dobbing on them and taking the upper hand
well im trusting them not to, and im afraid if i post ill just get flamed even worse than already

Flamed for what?

If anyone flames you report them. Or if they flame you a Mod will come, Nothing to be afraid of.
i have before... in general it hasnt worked too well
Stuff like that you shouldnt keep balled up inside, also dont forget always forgive but never forget
well if u want to know, pm me, im willing to tell

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