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I just want you all to know that i hate this user. i've heard bad things about him from some of my crybaby friends who are easily offended.

i've never actually met the guy

but i've read his posts, where he's most likely not acting like he normally does when talking to people one-on-one, so i feel like i know him better than anybody, and i've gotta say, this dude can SUCK IT. scream

i feel like i should derail a thread about DMS ring strategies just because he posted in there...
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I agree. Interacting with him is tiresome.
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oh, God, you actually did this... rofl
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He leaves crews if he doesn't like the people in them
The more you know yum_cupcake
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look at him trolling your thread
are you gunna take that

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you decided to spam the Z! forum with this?

Classy, considering you only know him from HoC.

I think you're just jealous of 1) how he's better than you at HoC and 2) how people actually know who he is.

Eh, ********.

He is quite irritating.
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ryry Kenny_McCormick ryry
oh, God, you actually did this... rofl

i didn't ask for your permission for no reason, did i? emotion_brofist

though, i think people are just reading the title and not the actual OP sweatdrop
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>Having to specify that people need to read the OP in order to be trolled.

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ryry Kenny_McCormick ryry
oh, God, you actually did this... rofl

you're gonna let him get away with this... emotion_dowant
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My, my, everyone's getting trolled in hurr.
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What a paradox..
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He thinks he's boss at HOC, but he always ragequits when losing. talk2hand This Kenny person should be banned.
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Oh god. Old news.
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I think he's pretty cool. emotion_dowant

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