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I don't have a father.
But if they were together still & told me that. I wouldn't really care.
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I wouldn't believe them. xd
Id probably be pissed beyond belief
I would find it unforgivable that they gave/give me
hell when it comes to them having a gay son. It would be the final insult
to the face.

i honestly would prob say F-U and walk out.
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Meh, I wouldn't care? I'd just be like "why did you marry people of the opposite sex (again) then". Since they both re-married.
I would probably ask if they were joking.
I don't know my father, but my mother came out of the closet years ago. I didn't really care too much. Still don't.
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I wouldn't care if they were gay. I would pity them for having to feel like they had to hide it. I'd probably be angry at my mum for stringing my awesome step-dad along for so many years.
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Wonder when my mom came back in the picture.
Otherwise, after the initial "WHAT?", not give a ********.
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I would laugh and then disown them.
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Get mad, steal their liquor and break things I guess.

srs ansr: It'd take a long time to wrap my head around it but yeah I wouldn't flip s**t.
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I already assume that my mother is a closet lesbian. But with the amount of gay-bashing my parents do, I doubt either one of them would come out if they actually were gay.
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I'd be surprised, but I wouldn't be mad at all. s**t happens. emotion_awesome

I'm usually pretty laidback so that answer above is valid, hurdur.
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I dunno, can't imagine I'd care much.

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