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I'm a girl, and I'm a teenager ( 16 ).
I don't cry much.once or twice / month. =]
Only when I'm really really mad, or really really really really sad.

female, teen. pretty much the same.
19. Female.

Probably every few weeks?
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I'm 17, I cry once every few months, sometimes it can be once every half year. Usually because of a sad movie... I'm a pretty upbeat person and I don't let things get to me.

I cry maybe a few times a week.
The reason is because of the loss of my Mother. So I have a good reason to cry several times a week. It depends on how close it was to her death, [Death-anniversary is the worse.] or if I am forced to talk about her.

Thankfully, when I have my total meltdowns, I can hold them until I'm alone.

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I havn't cried in about 8 months, almost cried yesterday tho.

8 months ago- not sure why. Just did.......stress?
yesterday: same reason, but calmed down before i full on bawled.
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I'm an eighteen year old female, and I cry. Alot. Last time I cried was just earlier this morning, actually. >_>

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I'm 16, female and I cry quite a lot.
Mostly the last couple of weeks cause I reeeeally miss someone but they just don't get it.
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18 male
last cried about 2 years ago from over stressed at work O.o

I'm a girl, I'm 14, turning 15 in a couple days. I cry quite often, it's usually every couple days.There's way too much s**t going on right now. The last time I cried was about 2-3 hours ago, I told my friend about when I was raped and how badly the guy treated me.
Every day, usually a lot more than once neutral But I have severe depression, so blah. Used to it.
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22 female. I cry a lot mostly due to stress and my fluctuating depression. And it doesn't help that I just moved away from home so adjusting is hard.
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Okay so I want you to first say if your a girl or a guy, state your age (if you're uncomfortable with saying your age just say "teenager" or "young adult" w/e closely resembles your age), then say how often you cry (everyday, twice a day, once a month, twice a month, etc, etc). Also if you want to say the reasons why you cry or what makes you cry, that's fine to.

Well I'm a guy, I'm 19 years old and the last time I cried was when I was 16, then before that the last time I cried I was 7 years old.

When I was 16 I cried because I accidently hurt a girl that I really really cared about. It was totally on accident but she ran into my arm and almost broke her nose crying .

When I was 7 I cried because my mom forgot to pack my lunch sad

16, female. I don't cry often,therefore I don't remember when was the last time I did. But I tend to shed tears out of pride when someone insults me or something like that. I rarely cry out of sadness. Interesting topic, btw. wink
male, 22. it's probably around once every 1-2 months. though that's a relatively recent thing; in the last couple of years i've become much more emotionally open and i'm much better off for it

some movies will do it every time, too (******** green mile!)
Soon 17. Perhaps once a week on avarage.

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