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i still have low confidence...because of this, i barely notice when people tell me "hey did you know she liked you?"
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I have role models with self confidence. They stand between me and my self-deprecating criticisms/existential depression.
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You confide in oneself. By noticing how capable you are at accomplishing things.
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By pretending. For most of my life before college, I was really insecure and my self esteem was non-existent!

When I got to college, I decided to try an experiment. Since it's sort of a "fresh start," I pretended to be confident. While waiting on a line, I'd just strike conversation with the person standing next to me. I'd smile at strangers (in appropriate contexts) etc. Eventually, I forgot that I was "pretending."

One day one of my friends and I were talking and I mentioned that I was incredibly shy and introverted. Then he couldn't believe it and said that I was a natural extrovert. Ha-hah!

Of course, I'm still introverted at heart. But I'm much more confident now because I know I'm capable of interacting with other people in positive ways. Even though I didn't believe it at first.

Fake it until you make it. That's what I'd suggest to anyone. It applies to almost anything, really.
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ℜinny says: I've never had any. I just pretend I have confidence so people leave me alone.
I struggle a lot with self-confidence when it comes to academic, intellectual, or job performances because I have a very negative few on my abilities. I get an obstructive amount of anxiety even thinking about taking tests so I usually end up avoiding them and thus suffering bad grades.

I'm not really sure how to get over it. I'm deathly scared that I'm stupid and incapable of achieving my goals but I realize that I'm not even trying to reach them so there is no record of failure.

I have a supportive group of friends that negate my issues so that helps. I hope that I can overcome it and eventually be content.
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Kill everyone who looks at you funny, mount their heads on pikes in your front yard and feast upon their entrails! Soon everyone will come to fear you and know you as "The organ feaster" as you consume the hearts and brains of your enemies you will gain their power and thus their confidence. Revel in your newfound glory as now your confidence is unstoppable! FEAR THE ORGAN FEASTER!

And such.
Sad to say, I only have self confidence in MW3. It's hard to build it when you recover 0.00000001%/hr. At least that's what it feels like and it's all from two factors: 1) People and 2)Not building resiliency early in life. *shrugs*
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i believe those two words are motivating enough
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I berate, threaten, and get angry at myself. Somehow, it works.
I've always had low self esteem but I think the way you work on it is try to make yourself happy with how you are, inside and out. Don't worry about what other people think, just focus on what makes you feel like you'll be a better person.
I do not have much, if any at all. sweatdrop

In all seriousness, probably a good way to start is a smile. And, maybe go to some clubs or community events and chat with people there. Not really the best advice, though.

Edit: I'm losing my self-confidence in trying to help other people get some self-confidence. What is wrong with me?.
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Well what helps me gain confidence at something is usually just practicing it until I learn it, and it becomes something that I'm comfortable at. Sometimes learning how to let yourself stop worrying is a good way. I also think that it's important to understand what you like, and to not listen to other people's opinions, because they are only opinions.
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I try to address the issues that made my confidence low, volunteer, get counseling at my church, pray and take things day by day.

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