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+[Bra Pirate]+

Gawd, why... why did I just sit & watch this whole thing? I hate you, +[Bra Pirate]+ emotion_facepalm
Really? Just for a video? D;

I think she's funny. :[ This isn't one of her best, but it fit with the topic...

Ya Jennamarbles is awesome, don't be a hater come on now
Yes! She's a silly b***h that makes me giggle. 3nodding
I think I found your crush's facebook. He is in a domestic partnership with Sarah Hanson. Deal with it!
You wouldn't happen to live in Hope Mills, North Carolina, would you?

I totally know what school you go to. Dude, don't get your head caught up in relationships. You're so young.
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I always have a hard time talking to a guy I like. We talk but about nerdy things and I never tell him how i feel. It sucks. I'm a painfully shy person and I hate rejection. crying
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Offer to give him a blow job after school.
Give up on it.
Unless he's a complete moron, you don't have much of a chance.
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You can't make someone like you.
If he has a girlfriend and he's happy with her, there's nothing much you can do aside from offering him a friendship.
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Don't be creepy and annoying.
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If he's dating a chick that's your sign to find someone else or just wait.
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As a man, I can tell you how to win his heart away from his current gal. Sever her head, bring it to him, drop it on his lap, grab his head and make him look directly in your eyes, then tell him "You are mine now." Maybe growl a bit. Trust me, we love it when women get all forceful.
Slut it up. If this is high school you're talking about it'll work, no one resists sex appeal there because as amazing as you make him sound his ultimate subconscious drive in everything he does is to get laid. And don't worry guys can keep a secret, so long as you guys are careful no one will ever know.

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