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I'm not going through all five pages of the replies, because I don't have the energy to wish you dead.
But seriously, if you say you're punk, you're a poseur. It's not about looking the part, or acting the part, if that's all it is to you.. Don't waste your time being something you're not. If it doesn't come naturally, it's not for you.
you look live Avril lavine
Oh hey holy s**t I'm back like a heart attack and punker and more hardcore than any of you faggots could be.

You in band? Gay.

You skate board? Gay.

Like tattoos and piercings? Double triple gay.
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I've had gay sex, where do I fit on the scale?
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buttflaps are simultaneously punx and gay
I've had gay sex, where do I fit on the scale?
under: exploring your sexuality to its full potential
Zsa Zsa Gabortion
buttflaps are simultaneously punx and gay

I have studded buttflaps to signify my oi
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i mean what business plan would you suggest to up my punkcentage?

do i need more raybans and reebocks or less of them and more ******** big black records?

down a 40, punch yourself in the face, and then stage dive-dropkick a poser in the jaw.

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