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I never played that game! surprised

should i download?
overhyped, but it's not bad. you would enjoy it if you're not a modern graphics maniac.
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Yea yea yea.

Where the hell is my Steam summer sale? mad
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It is?!

How about you get it for me, and I'll tell you if it's any good or not.

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Your eyes will bleed because of polygon boobs and hair.
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If it's less than 15 bucks, then it's totally worth the money. Should definitely keep you busy for 60+ hours. Sure the graphics are dated as all hell, but the scenery will always look good in this game, its really just anything that moves that looks ugly. The music is also pretty great too, love the industrial feel most of them havve.
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Evil Senpai
I never played that game! surprised

should i download?

sounds fun
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Always. Especially if you're a fan of classic games. It was wonderful.
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Sure, try it.

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