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The GD says the GCD hates us, Is this true?
Err... Id answer that but.. i dont want to be the rude one.... most fourms hate other fourms...
i do not represent the gcd, but the gd is nothing but a pg13 4chan and popularity contest for whiny teenagers.

what the hell is the point of this thread?
Yes, we ******** hate you all.

~Someone had to say it.
Yeah, thats pretty much true. The GCD is a pleasant little place. The GD is like a high class chatterbox. talk2hand
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*whips out rope with noose*

Not really, maybe when the illiterate trolls like EBOLA come here.
I don't hate you guys. I love GDers. They are so funny and carefree ~
what the hell is GCD?!
Obviously not.

I've been here for
a good while now =B
The GD says the GCD hates us, Is this true?

*hisss* yush >,...,>

Just kidding~ ninja

I think the GD is filled with spam, porn trolls and camhos. So I have a tendency to avoid it.

But hate is such a strong word.

I just dislike it.
Eh. Its more so the majority. If the first thing I see when I walk into a forum is something like "p***s p***s p***s" , I tend to dislike the forum in general. The people are maybe nice. Maybe not.
The GD says the GCD hates us, Is this true?
No, but you'll probably get a lot of snarky replies for asking that kind of silly question and making a thread that's not a gaia community discussion thread.
yeah dude, they hate us...
The only difference between GCD and GD, is that in the GCD, you have to go that extra mile and relate that thing you found under the rug in the bathroom to this website somehow.

And I bet that because I said that, someone will have that thread here tomorrow. stressed
I don't hate GD.
I just hate the people that think GD is god's forum.

To everyone saying the GCD hates the GD, you're wrong, because not all of the GCD does.
Just you do specifically.

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