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Have you?

Yeah 0.61224489795918 61.2% [ 60 ]
Sometimes 0.19387755102041 19.4% [ 19 ]
Nope 0.10204081632653 10.2% [ 10 ]
Never Thought About It 0.030612244897959 3.1% [ 3 ]
Eh... 0.061224489795918 6.1% [ 6 ]
Total Votes:[ 98 ]
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I think it'd be kinda cool to live in Naruto's world.
I would LOVE to be in the Slayers world. What i wish would happen if for LinaxGourry and AmeliaxZelgadis to FINALLY get together and stop denying thier feelings for each other.
Yes and my sister wants to because loves Naruto!
Pathetic as it may sound, yes. Maybe Naruto, or X/1999. And Rurouni Kenshin. ^_^
Every Day of my Damned Existence in this pathetic powerless world where money is the object of power and corruption, and happiness is but a word with no meaning.
I like living in the real world. :3

EDIT: Though when I was little, I wished I lived in the Pokemon world. xd
I haven't seen a single bump so far so i had to add one. anyway i would Love to live in the world of FMA! i would love to use alchemy to turn noting into something. like making a tv and a dvd player to put into my room out of dirt. i do realise the sad truth that it will never happen but it doesn't kill to day/night dream about.
I've always wanted to be from Naruto, the Japanese version though. I don't like English Dub very much.
Living in an anime world? Absolutely not. Too much destruction happens in anime worlds and I wouldn't want to be living there when it happens. talk2hand We have plenty of things going on in the real world as it is.
id like to live in narutos world it would be awsomwe
YES blaugh
every once in a while it's cool!
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Friendly Dabbler

I've always imagined to live in the Narutoverse. XD I would hang out with Naruto and we'd eat ramen together. @_@
god this topic goes hrought my head consantly everyday, I acully really hate the real world, id kill to live in an anime world >.>

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