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All the pets I've lost so far were here before I was born so I didn't have a particularly strong bond with them.

I did have two stray cats that became my pets, I felt really bad when they died.

For like 20 years we had this one eyed turtle, and in the summer we would put him in the small pond outside and bring him inside during the winter, after doing this for several years one summer day he was just gone from the pond. Where are you one eye?!?! D:

We tried to buy new turtles, but every time we put them in the pond, they would immediately crawl out and leave..... emotion_8c
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I lost my dog about eight months ago. I got her when I was four, so she's been my best friend forever. My mother and I put her down in the vet's office. Her ashes are on the fireplace in a pretty box with her picture in it.
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We've lost a dog, multiple fish, lizards, and an aquatic frog...
I grew up with pet parakeets, which generally only have a 5-8 year life span, so I lost a lot of them growing up. We had one especially great bird that was perched on the edge of a glass of soda someone had left out and ended up drowning when it fell in. I cried for weeks, I was like eight and I loved that bird so much. We had another really great one who sort of got sick and was really lethargic for about a year and then just died one day. My family has a c**k-a-tiel now, which tend to live for closer to 20 years. The bird lives with my mom, and is kind of annoying and stupid, but I'll be sad when we lose him.
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I was little when we first got a kitty. Grace is her name.
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It was my sister's dad who was giving cats away, since there were too many. The rest he .. killed off with poison in the grass. It's a sad thought.. I'm glad we were able to save her. So since we had her for a long time, I got really close to her. Growing up, I barely had any friends. It was very lonely. So Grace was pretty much my best friend.. I don't care if she's "just a cat." I love her very much.

My parents split up.. As a lot of parents do. So because of that, I would have to leave the house for a few months. When we returned home, Grace became nervous. I guess because she hadn't seen us for so long.. But she knew it was me, and got comfortable again.

As I kept having to see my dad, I would tell myself to hang on. That I would get to see Grace and mom again soon. I don't get along with my dad. He's an abusive control freak. Honestly, I wanted to lay in the train tracks and get ran over.. So I struggled every day.

When I talked to my mom on the phone, I asked how Grace was. Mom changed the subject. I didn't think too much of it. When we got home, my mom waited for me and my brother to be in the same room, where she told us that Grace had died...

At first, I wasn't crying. My brother was the one crying his eyes out. That is what made me cry. It wasn't because of Grace. But someone told me that it could be because I was in a state of shock. And I was. I'm very depressed that she is gone. It's been years now, and I still can't believe it.. I know she's gone, but I feel as though her presence is still with me.. I feel the same way about my boyfriend who died.. Like I didn't lose any of them. I just can't see them.. or talk to them..

I cry when I think about her now..It sucks how everyone amazing just..dies so soon.. That's probably why the world is so ******** up now. There's hardly any good people left.
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nightmare of moloch
another middle class white kid who has never really experienced loss so they get hung up over a dead dog.

Ahhh, so you know everything about me from this post? I've never experienced loss? Alright well. I'm going to have to start asking you a lot more questions because you seem to know everything.
I lost my first cat when I was about eight, I adored him to death. He was incredibly sweet and gentle and we bonded almost immediately, but not even a year after I had gotten him as a kitten, our neighbor's dog killed him. That was the same month my grandpa died.

And last month my chinchilla died. I'd had him for nearly eight years, had gotten him when he was an adult so I had no idea how old he really was. I'm pretty sure he was neglected from his previous owners, it took him so long to warm up to me, but I loved him so much. I just came home from school and went to say hello to him as usual, and he was lying there like he was asleep. It was really sad.

I love animals really deeply, so I get very distraught when they die, even animals that aren't mine.
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Of all the animals I've had and loved, the saddest loss was 'my' dog Timo. He was technically my grandmother's dog she got for a stud, but since I fed him, walked him and gave him attention, he started latching onto me, sleeping with me every night. My grandmother said when I went to school, he'd sit by the door and wait for me to come home. He could walk without a leash (and if I went into a store, he'd wait until I came out, no matter how hot or cold it was), and he had this trick where you jingled the keys to get the mail and he'd run to the door. My little brother used to feed him popcorn and he'd eat it like a vacuum (didn't matter how much. He'd gobble it all up). Timo also seemed to dislike most men, and would sit by me when guests came, and snapped when guys came by me.
He got hit by a car, and hemmoraged. He died in my arms (he kept whimpering until I let him up in my bed, in my arms, then he peed on my arm (voiding his bladder) and was gone.) It was possibly coincidence, but people around us say he wanted to go with the person he loved holding him, and wouldn't die happy otherwise. I buried him. That was a hard one to tell my brother (he cried, and he was 8-9). I'm now allergic to dogs (a weird way of him staying #1).
I was told when you die, dogs (especially if it's your beloved dog) will lead you back to the spirit world (because they are the guides), so it comforts me to think when I go, Timo will be the one to lead me back.
Aw, that's very sad. sad

I lost all of my pet rabbits over the course of a few years, but the saddest was when I lost the first one, Momo. I had a weird sinking feeling in my stomach when my sister called to let me know she was dead and then I just started bawling. I don't really think about her much now, though, to be honest. I've experienced a lot of loss in my life so that's probably why I don't get hung up on it.
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Yes. In the last couple months actually. In July our ferret died from heat exhaustion. She had her own fan and constant water. We moved her from a wet climate to the desert. She was never meant to live in the desert and sadly due to our own selfish stupidity she died. I cam home to check on her (We left the swamp cooler on for her) and we found her dead in her cage. I feel had she been out of the cage she may have had a better chance. I feel incredibly selfish as neither of us really looked into why ferrets are not native to the desert and the entire situation could have been avoided. One month later we lost one of my cats. She had gotten out of the apartment and we have't seen her since. I took the loss of her very hard. We rescued both of our cats and I was incredibly attached to them both. Neither of my cats ever expressed an intense desire to go outside, eve if they got out in the past they remained close. But she was a complete indoor cat. We put up signs, and checked the pound, and put up non-harming cat traps with strong smelling cat food for weeks. Caught a few cats that were not mine and returned them to their owners. My a**-hat neighboors called a couple times to tell me they would sell my dead cat (That they did not have) to a Mexican merchant, or would harass me as I walked looking for my cat. (None of which is enough to make a case against them. Let alone a waste of my time and money to do so.) She never returned. Where I do hope she is alright and that I will still find her, coyotes roam the streets.
I thought this was going to be about a pet running away.

My pets have died, the family dog, and my first cat of cancer. It was pretty sad, but now that I'm 20, I think it will be so much harder. My dog I got when I was 8 is now very old and not in great shape. I'm really worried. I don't know how I will deal with her death, I am thinking I will have to go to pet grief counseling. I get really upset just thinking about her dying.
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I had a dog named Lady..after Lady and the Tramp. Except my dog was kinda bitchier. Napoleon complex. And I do miss when she would attempt to pick fights with the great danes at the dog park.
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I used to have a turtle name Speedy. He didn't die, to be honest—he was stolen from us by a bunch of jerks.
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Yes. The most recent pet I had to put to sleep was my 10 year old cat, Sassy, about 2 weeks ago. She had a huge tumor in her belly that was too big to be removed. It broke my heart, and I cried for days. But honestly, I'm glad she's in a better place and isn't suffering anymore.

Don't ever feel ashamed to mourn for a pet. Your dog is a part of your family, and like other family members that you deeply love and care about, it is acceptable to grieve for the loss of your dog like you would for any of them if they died. Never let anyone tell you s**t like "It's just a dog, get over it". People like that are assholes. This girl I know was like "It's a cat. You can just get another one. You can't replace a person" which makes no sense at all because who's to say that you can replace a cat but you can't replace a person? Pets have personalities just like people, and each one is unique, therefore you can't just "replace it". That would be like telling someone who's friend died that "Oh, you can just go get another friend because friends are replaceable".

If you ever want to talk about it, feel free to pm me anytime. Just hang in there and remember that its ok to mourn the loss of your dog!
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no, but i'm about to lose one. my dog belle has been around since i was eight years old. she's in the process of dying right now. she's just way too old to go on. whenever i think about it, i get really sad, because she was my best friend for a long time. it's really sad to see a pet die.

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