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Demonic Snowflake

Welcome all Gaians to the Class of 2009 Thread

Link to Class of 2009 Thread Servicing GSW 2010:
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

We welcome all Gaians but especially our fellow classmates of 2009!!!

The time has come for the Class of 2009 to come together for SPIRIT WEEK!!!!! (This is a little late but better than never.) We may be the newest members of Gaia but we need to show all of the other classes that we love Gaia as much as they do. Together on this thread we will celebrate this year 2009, the year we joined Gaia as well as Gaia itself!!!!

I would like to take a moment to thank all of the mods for Spirit Week 2009: Shieran, Varlot, Poshis2ham, Ingou, Loaded_Complex, Uedo and 5ives.
Thanks you all so much... We love Spirit Week!!!

Who is in the Class of 2009... well everyone that joined Gaia this year!!!!

What is Spirit Week, you ask? Spirit Week is a week long celebration of everything gaian!!! Much like spirit weeks that you have (or had) in high school... there are dress up days, each with their own theme. On some of the days there are dress up contests, there are parties happening all over GaiaTown where you can hangout and chat with other gaians that love it on here! You can find contests and everyone is creating avi art!!! Like I have already said it is a celebration and everyone celebrates differently-What are you going to do for Spirit Week 2009???

Now lets get to the fun!!!!
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Demonic Snowflake

I'm your host. My name is long so just call me Ninja!!! ninja I love friends so if you want to be friends just ask. ^^ I love anime/manga so if you want to talk about that or about video games I'm game. I love art so if any would like to donate some I would love you forever. AND Fear my Captain Hitsugaya (spelling?)


1)Please be Respectful! No rude comments, no bashing, not trash talking!
2)Please do not Spam or Flame on this thread.
3)Follow the ToS, lets keep it cleans!!!
4)Obey the thread mods (feel free to send any questions in PM to me or ask someone who is on the thread)
5)Please don't quote any of these first post!
6)Please have fun!!! This is Spirit Week!!! Make some new friends and hangout with some old ones!!!

-earthsdragon (Fearless leader and question answerer!!!^^)
-JacieGirlie(art/screenshot master)

***Important Info & Links***
Here is the link to Spirit Week's Thread:

User Image

This is the Offical Spirit Week Thread you can read up on the Official Spirit Week Games and Contests!!! Make sure you show the Mods your Class of 2009 Love!!! Chat it up and have fun!

There is also an explaination for each of the "Days" happening this week but I'll list them here for you as well:
Grayscale Day (5th)
Animal Day (6th)
Holi-Day (7th)

Bondage Day (8th)
Twin Day (9th)
Formal Day (10th)

Class Color Day(11th)

In case you didn't figure it out already... our color is PINK! So on Class Color Day all memebers of the Class of 2009 should wear all pink!!!!

We will be taking pictures in on Class Color Day at 4pm (Pacific Standard Time). We will be meeting at zip code 001016.
Hey everyone! I'm in charge of the art section of the thread! If you've got art, PM it to me! Most of my friends think i'm really fun to be around!! I LOVE gymnastics! I also like to read, draw, and get on gaia and some other sites! You can totally check out my profile, comment or pm me! I'm pretty down to earth! Here's what I've got for you all so far in the way of siggies/art:

User Image User Image
User Image
User Image
User Image-With a big thanks to jesscream for the bondage day siggy!
Your screenshots/art:
User Image
User Image
User Image
User Image
User ImageUser Image
User Image
User ImageUser Image

Sorry for the ones that show up as links! I can't get the pictures to show up!
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Man-Hungry Pieslinger

Welcome Everyone to the Class of 2009's Thread!

I am another one of your hosts here on this thread! I will be the master of games for the Class of 2009! But first a little about me... I love music, I write music, I play the oboe and I LOVE to bake! I am a huge movie buff (mostly over the romanic comedy type but not just that!) Go ahead and chat with me about any of those fun things!!! Music, movies or cooking!

***All competitions on this thread are for all classes... not just 2009.***

***Just to be clear the games and contests on this thread are not linked to those of the official Spirit Week Thread.***

~Avi Contest Info~

***This thread will be running Avi Contests for the Spirit Days not covered by contests in the Official Spirit Week Thread (meaning if the Official Spirit Day thread is having a Avi Contest on a certain day... We the Class of 2009 will not be having one on that day). We will be holding contest for Animal Day, Twin Day, and Pink-Class Color Day. (these days only) Read on for details on each***

***Sorry we will not except TekTeks into the contests... you can send them in but they won't recieve prizes***

***When submitting an avatar to me for any of the Avi Contests please use the first of the three export codes given to you when you use the "export" feature found in the "my avatar" screen. (This will save me some message sending)***

***Please be sure to let me know what class you are in... that way I can post the winning avi along with that avatar's class.***

***Avi Contests will be judged by myself and the two other Mods for this thread***

***Please be patient with the mods of this thread as it will take a couple of days for prizes to be delived, Thank You and please enjoy!***

An Avi contest for Animal Day!!! (This Contest is Closed)
I will start taking submissions from 12:00am PST, July 6,2009. It will end at 12:00am PST on July 7 (this is to help me). BEST of LUCK!!!!

The prize for the Animal Day Contest will be an Aquarium Submarine Ticket!

Our Winner for the Animal Day Contest is Imzadi Jamaharon from the Class of 2009!!!
Here is her Entry:

User Image


This Contest will be based on a double entry... you and your twin! This means that both of you must send me your export url codes... no cheating I'll be able to tell because of the user names. You will be picked together as the winning pair and both of you will recieve the same prize.

***You must make sure you both put each other's user names in your PMs to me... so I can get everyone entered correctly.***

This contest will open July 9, 2009 at 12:00am PST. IT will end July 10 at 12:00am PST.

The Prize for Twin Day Contest is a set of Twin Narwhales. (One for each of our twin winners!)

purpumoon & tHE ice pRinceSS laDY
User Image User Image


PINK CONTEST for Class Color Day!!!!! (Closed!!!)
This contest is what is says PINK! Please make your avi Pink to show your Pride for the Class of 2009!!! You can do a simple classic pink look or go crazy PINK but the main color in you design should be PINK!!!
This contest is mostly for those who are actually in the class of 2009. If there are people from other classes who want to show their support by dressing their avi up on Pink on Class Color Day then by all means they can enter to!!!

***I broke a statement I said earlier, well only partly***

This contest will open July 11, 2009 at 12:00am PST. It will end July 12, 2009 at 12:00am PST.

The Prize for The PINK Contest is a KILLER WHALE and A SET OF PINK TANK DECORATIONS: 2 Pink Star Stickers and a Pink Coral


Kaytee Pie

User Image


~Active Games~
(Most Prizes in this section are going to be PINK to help us all out with our Class Color Day Avi)

DICE ROLL (Now Closed!!!)

***You can only have 3 dice roles per page. Winners found with more will not recieve a prize.***

****YOU MUST SEND ME A PM WITH IN 24 HOURS OF YOUR WINNING ROLL OR YOU WILL NOT RECIEVE A PRIZE FOR IT (I am not going to go out on the thread and search for the winning rolls I will only give out prizes for ones that are sent to me in a PM... should I say it again???)****

***I am sorry to Switch the Rules on you halfway but because of how fast this game is happening, All players from this point on (Wed. July 8 @ 7:46am) may only win the Dice Roll once. But stay tooned in because I believe there will be a Dice Roll II!***

To play this dice game we will be using 9 10-sided dice. (If you have questions about how to roll dice... ask people out on the thread or you can PM me and I will explain it.) The winning numbers will be the sum total of the numbers you roll... like if I role 1,5,3,6,4,2,4,2,9 = 36. My number for my dice roll is 36!

There will be two groups of winning numbers:
-The first group is made up of numbers with a "9" in them: 9,19,29,39,49,59,69,79,89 and 90
-The second group is made up of numbers where the sum of their digits are "9" these would be: 9,18,27,36,45,63,72,81 and 90 (these are also multiples of 9 if that helps)

*Remember 9's*

**If you are lucky enough to roll a 9 or 90... which appear in both of the groups you may choose one prize from either group. (meaning you still only get one)**

*Grand Prize DICE ROLE*: If your roll an 11 or 62 you will win a NINJA FISH

****Once you role one of these numbers send me PM with the page you roled it on. I will then check it and PM you with the list of prizes still available. You must then PM me back with your choice.****

First Group Prizes: Pink Pants & Shoes: Tropical Plumeria Swim Trunks, Egyption Rose Linen Rap, KoNfuZed Pink Pantz, Wine Hippy Pants, Autumn Stripes Grapefruit Pants, Basic Pink Flippers, Salmon Classroom Sneakers, Pink Loafers

Second Group Prizes: Dresses & Shirtss: Fancy Virgin Dress, Jenny's Sweet A-line Dress, Pink Sparkle Empire Dress, Egyptian Rose Linen Dress, Autumn Stripes grapefruit Shirt, Pink Longjohns, Crimson Mink Jacket, Blush Couture Jacket.

GROUP 1: partaychika, Princessa Firestix (x2), Madame Darcy, Snowflake in the Woods, Moeuf, Midori_Suishoo, Iceaer

GROUP 2: Imzadi Jamaharon, Imzadi Jamaharon, partaychika ,JessCream, Shucoki, 17_lauris_92, crazytumbler91, gothicookie


RAFFLE (Closed!)

This Raffle will be drawn once every day left in Spirit Week. Each day's raffle will be a separate drawing taken from the entries of that day. The final drawing will be for a larger prize and will be taken from all of the entries for the whole week. Entries for the raffle will be given to the first and last post on each page. If those posts belong to me or another Mod it will go to the first none mod post bellow/above us.

Here are the PRIZES in order that I am going to give them out: House Bunny Ears, Pink Nordstrom Hat, Pink Ghoul On My Head, Pink Cowboy Bandana and...
GRAND PRIZE: Irrawaddy Dolphin!

3-Imzadi Jamaharon
5-II Carolus II
6-Miazuki Tenshi
9-SilverDreams x
10- I Worship Cotton Candys
12-Imzadi Jamaharon
13-Imzadi Jamaharon
18-sailor scout waterbender
25-Lord Balmung of Azure Sky
26-Imzadi Jamaharon***Tues. Winner***
27-Imzadi Jamaharon
28-Imzadi Jamaharon
29-Imzadi Jamaharon
30-Imzadi Jamaharon
****************(Tuesday Raffle Closed)***********
31-Imzadi Jamaharon
32-Imzadi Jamaharon
33-caroldanda7361***Wed. Winner***
35-DarkGam3r SEVEN
40-Your Masked Disaster
42-Mistress Alexia
45-Mistress Alexia
46-Shucoki****GRAND PRIZE WINNER****
49-Mistress Alexia
51-I Worship Cotton Candys
****************(Wednesday Raffle Closed)*********
54-Imzadi Jamaharon
56-17_lauris_92***Thurs. Winner***
58-Half blood Jakeo
65-Fierce Deity Rocker
66-Fierce Deity Rocker
67-Chrissy the Beautiful
68-Imzadi Jamaharon
****************(Thursday Raffle Closed)*********
72-daisukeniwa7***Fri. Winner***
73-JAC Mom
75-Fierce Deity Rocker
77-Imzadi Jamaharon
82-I Worship Cotton Candys
83-le petit diable
85-Bucketful of Stars
****************(Friday Raffle Closed)*********
90-Swordster Carol
91-Vampiric Zombie Queen
93-Imzadi Jamahoran
94-Allora Mooniar
106-partaychika (last post on July 11, last during SPIRIT WEEK!!!)
***************RAFFLE CLOSED FOR THE YEAR!!!!!!!*********



*If you see her around make sure to thank her!!!*
*Or you can pop over to her Booty Grabbin' Thread and tell her that the 09ers LOVE HER!*

User Image

*** If you want better prizes... donations are welcome!!!***
earthsdragon's avatar

Demonic Snowflake

The Class of 2009 is Happy to Open its Doors to the Rest of Gaia in Celebration of SPIRIT WEEK!!!

(Please Don't Quote Any Posts Above This! THANKS!)
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Familiar Glitch

8,700 Points
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Yay, I'm the first non-mod poster!
Happy animal day, fellow '09ers. I'm as animaled up as I'm willing to pay. Hahaha
earthsdragon's avatar

Demonic Snowflake

And a happy animal day to you!!! YAY we have two people!!! We need more.....hmmm..... burning_eyes
Eobo's avatar

Man-Hungry Pieslinger

Make sure you spread the word!!! And we are having an Animal Day Contest!!!!! Send your avi to me for judging!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
User Image
We need participants!

Thanks for finally making a base for '09. We shall be the most spirited of all classes! >=D

Also, please click the link at the top of my post. We seriously need participants. DX
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Durem Vampire

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Happy animal Day everyone! I think when Bondage Day, Class Colors Day and Formal Day come up I'm pretty much gonna over-do it. sweatdrop But for Holi-Day I'm gonna dress up for Halloween (can you tell?) Idk what I'm gonna do on Twin Day... Gotta fix that.. mad
Yo, happy animal day everyone! I'd totally dress up, but I'm broke. I don't know if I'll be able to do much this week. Very sorry. emo
I don't have any animals! crying
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Durem Vampire

9,850 Points
  • Medalist 100
  • Invisibility 100
  • Grunny Harvester 150
Loli Kit
I don't have any animals! crying

I can buy you one. ^^

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