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Could anon be right ? Are all my answers junk ?

The answers help no one 0.14285714285714 14.3% [ 1 ]
you help some people 0.14285714285714 14.3% [ 1 ]
you are help-full 0.28571428571429 28.6% [ 2 ]
i don't care to Look 0.42857142857143 42.9% [ 3 ]
Total Votes:[ 7 ]
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Lucky Flip-Flopper

From: An anonymous benefactor
Message: You are not helpful at all in the Q&A.
You are posting in threads that have already been answered, and your atrocious spelling and grammar irritates me beyond anything else.
Get out. For ******** sake, are you even trying? No one can understand you.
Leave. sad

i would Like to talk directly to anonymous, i would Like to add them to ignor, i would Like them to take back the item, i would Like them to Learn a new language.

i am in the Q&A alot.
Yes i do have bad spelling, they are right, but that is why they should have ignored me not sent that message.
You can note that they are hide-ing by sending the message with an anonymous gift so i can't tell who it is from. They know what they did is wrong and they don't want to say it to my virtual face. it would help me get better at Q&A if they did.

Now i would Like to Link you to times i have been help-full in the Q&A

H H H H H H H H H H H H H H (old questions)

You can see the people can read what i say and that i am not posting in threads that are answered. i would Like to see the post that made anon send that message to me.
Yes english is not my first Language but it is most common here on gaia and it can be a slow reply if i check every thing.
i bet you can see how i would start to type and check my reply and other people would post as i do that. i even bet you can see how the question could get answered as i type.
Yet you can see Lots of times i am help-full and they say thanks.
So they could read it and it helped them get an answer to the question.
You can all see anonymous is wrong.
You can note that you need to make mistakes at first and do get better because of them.
So i should not be asked to Leave, but to improve.

When you Look at all my accounts i have been here 4 years.
i know alot about the site. i have been hacked and i can give you a real story to help you if u don't know what to do when you get hacked. i just about got banned and i have friends the have banned accounts so i know about bannings too. My hacked account was banned for what the hacker did so i had to fix that too. So i know about unbanning. i took computer programing in college, so i know a thing or 2 about how a hack program is made. i know how a website works and i have a website. i have used this website to make $ from home. it should be good that i try to be help-full

if the Los of friends and be-ing hacked and getting banned and accounts i Lost and My ADD, ADHD, MPD... and people say-ing i hacked them because of what the hacker did and items i lost and the price of stuff now and so on and so on, if all that did not make me Leave i can say this will not hert a bit,
And yet i would Like you all to know, to know about the message i get as thanks for my help, and thanks for reading.
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i cant tho
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If the person talked about you in Q&A, I believe that it is useless to make a thread here.
He/She might not read CB.
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Wheezing Smoker

you can still report an anonymous gift I believe.
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Lucky Flip-Flopper

Kezendia Vandelbelk
If the person talked about you in Q&A, I believe that it is useless to make a thread here.
He/She might not read CB.

if i did put it in Q&A it would get moved here.
i was talking to a mod B4 i made this.
i just made it to tell people what happened
it is ok if anon don't come by and say sorry
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Sweet Bunny

At least you try to help. Often times peoples questions go unanswered.
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Lucky Flip-Flopper

the dragon craft
well i could not keep an item with such a bad memory of it so i sent it to Dumpster Dive just after i opened it. i should keep your name in mind and send you a gift with my new main account.
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Friendly Fatcat

I don't think they said anything super hateful, so no need to report it.
I'd just move on from it.
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Hot Phantom

That's rude. D: he/she shouldn't have at least gave you an item if he/she is giving you the insults you don't deserve.
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Lucky Flip-Flopper

I don't think they said anything super hateful, so no need to report it.
I'd just move on from it.

it is so odd they sed it at all when you Look at all the times i post in the Q&A no one could read them all and say that and no one can be good every time they post.

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