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Who should have won?

Goku 0.58620689655172 58.6% [ 34 ]
Superman 0.41379310344828 41.4% [ 24 ]
Total Votes:[ 58 ]
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Spirit bomb with buffs = x9999(9) dmg, bye.
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I wanted Goku to win
I wanted Goku to win

He can only win eating contests.

Since Superman is a plant.

Yes, he could eat human food if he wanted to but he doesn't really need it though I suppose he could eat a large quantity of food if he wanted to. Let's give Goku at least something to be proud of.*
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Goku man!! im obsessed with all the DB series
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Definitely goku
Goku has too much superforms. And he looks uglier the more stronger he gets. Also he can't drive a car emotion_donotwant

Suoerman earns my vote.
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emotion_facepalm 8 pages in and it seems I'm the only one that attempted to discuss the video's presentation of the topic. You guys suck.
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Quite frankly, it wasn't a fair fight. Goku fans bit off more than they could chew by suggesting this one. There is no conceivable situation in which Goku could have won that fight on his own.

Now, MY suggestion, Superman vs. Dr. Manhattan, would have been much more interesting to watch.
Hey guys anyone noticed that goku they were using was mixed episodes of Dragon Ball Z they used the saiyan and the Buu saga. They Also used the wrong math as goku was a lot more capable character the fact they use 40 tons was wrong as they goku was on king kais planet it was supposed to be 10x stronger than earths gravity 4x10=400 then if he goes ssj1 multiply 400 by 50 then multiply by 2 to get ssj2 then multiply by 4 then multiply by kaioken 20 to get 3600000 but this is nothing as goku didnt use ki in it if he did double 3600000 besides in the begining of gt he was able to take on uub a human incarnation of kid buu uub is basically a ssj2 rouge. Goku has more of a battle tactian/genius rather than smart he does let his oppenents show their true power.

Basically Goku should have won and these are his edges on his battles
Transformations, determination , abilities , speed and his battle brain it was shown during his battle during herudegarn which he reply to gohan which he says father he has weakness and he says i know.
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I personally prefer this picture of Goku vs Superman. My reasoning is because it's true. Both Goku and Superman would not blow up the planet in a fight. Mainly because they both have histories of defending the planet from being destroyed. Why would you countlessly save a planet just to blow it up in a fight to the death with another hero. Goku may have fought Superman, but probably just for combat practice. In the end Superman and Goku would end up being friends, because after all Goku made friends with Piccolo, and that guy used to be evil. What makes you think that Goku wouldn't make friends with a fellow good guy?

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