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Seriously, in my teenage years, neither my friends nor I ever thought about how big a guy's "package" was. If one of my friends was considering going out with someone they never thought about his size--it was more based on how cute he was and what he had done in class that day. Actually, I have never even heard of a girl talk about her partner's size even if we are talking about sex.

I'm not a guy so I can't vouch for this but I feel like the issue of size is talked/worried about more between guys because they have the misconceived notion from movies and media that girls obsess over their size.
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If you want to know how big a guy's d**k is, why not just take his pants off and find out for sure? No need to resort to petty rumors and superstitions.

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emotion_bigheart I never did. I don't know about anyone else.
This reminds me of the time where a girl told me a guys d**k is 2x his shoe size minus 4 inches, thus making my d**k 22 inches.
Then she asked is your d**k really that big, and blushed. neutral
Even if that was true, the ******** are you blushing for you could even handle 8-9 inches.
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lol i never believed that xD
I didnt even know they said that <3
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I thought the saying was about guys with big feet. confused
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I used to wonder. I mean, big body's gotta match, right? emotion_awesome
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No. Guys think about penises way more than girls do. rofl
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When I was young and inexperienced, I honestly didn't care about a guy's d**k size.
Still don't.
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I've never heard of that?

A lot of people think that p***s size is related to physical stature though.
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No. I don't even question, or care how big their parts are.
no one cares how big your junk is, the only time they might is if they've already had sex and most teenage girls haven't.
I'm not a teen anymore, but the only time I've really ever thought about guys' size is when it was brought up in conversation - usually by guys. Didn't care to think about it otherwise, and I've never been under an impression like that.
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Do a lot of inexperience girls in their teen age assume that the taller a boy is, the bigger his package has to be then?


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