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1. Follow ALL Gaia and Chatterbox rules.
2. No cybering or requests therefore
3. No trolling/flaming etc.
4. Keep your drama outside the thread.
5. Do not spam (This includes excessive picture posts)
6. Don't stretch the page
7. Cut the IMG tags when quoting a post with an image
8. Please don't advertise your thread in ours
9. The title can be vice-versa. It always has been.

Be aware that if you intend simply to copy and paste your RP request over and over be aware that you will most likely be banned for some combination of the above.

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No Spank List:
1. Milky Teeth
2. L y s s u m
3. Scarlet Heaven
4. Noroi-hana
6. Alanna SilverRose
7. LOL Gigglefit
8. tauras393
9. Zombie Prom
10.Nossa Promessa
11. MarmeeXnoir
12. Corell2
13. ARRYN 8D
14. Missile Guided Dicks

Must Spank List:
1. Christine_SK
2. The Facerockker
3. Logic Less
4. Maniacally Fluffy
5. xRainbow-AssassinX
6. Crazy Sprinkles
7. Your Promiscuous Ex

Must Shave List:
Psychological Horror

If you fail to respect or follow what the moderators tell you, you will end up getting kicked from the thread.
There will be no tolerance for troublemakers.
If you receive a warning from one of our moderators you are expected to change your act or you WILL be banned from The Spank Thread.

Spank thread Fandom:

Reconstructive Beauty

Sometimes the thread's too fast,
Sometimes too slow.
If the new thread will last,
Who can say they know?

That idiot keeps posting porn--
I don't want to see that s**t!
All I can really do is warn
The regs to report it.

Please don't feed the troll,
I'm tired of his type.
As much as I like grammar control,
Stupidity's the hype.

Well, we're still here, right?
By trolls, we've not been defeated!
I'll see you guys tomorrow night--
[This post has been deleted.]

"O hey this guy donated a blank avatar, and then shared the secret on how to make them" list:
1. Je suis un automaton!

Brainstorming Sparkles
They say bend over,
but I just want to talk.
They want to spank me,
but I just want to walk.

I absolutely love my friends,
I really really hate the noobs.
I decide to take the drama,
and watch new guys like test tubes.

Funny conversations fill the posts,
quote after quote and then after quote.
The people I talk to are amusing,
I'm sorry, I don't mean to gloat.

Oh, another friend making opportunity,
I take it with much energy.
In not much time at all, I make a new friend.
OH! BRB! I have to pee.

I'm back, what I miss?
Awe, more of my friends are here!
Hi guys, how are you doing?
Oh, me? Nothing much is up, I fear.

It's time for me to go, I'm sorry.
I'll talk to you tomorrow, I promise.
I miss you all already, don't worry I'll be back soon.
While I'm gone, make sure there's no crisis.
The big purpose of The Spank Thread:

We are here, not as a sexual purpose, but as a hangout for everyone. We are perverted, but in a way that it expresses who we are. This thread was not created to solicit any form of sexual actions such as cybering. In fact, we don't allow such a thing to go on in this thread, and all who are caught trying to request such a thing, get banned from our thread. Gaia Mods, please understand that everytime you delete our thread, you are not making a just decision; what you are doing, is destroying a hangout for people who do follow Gaia's rules. Make the right decision. This goes out to all the people who think that this thread is just full of garbage. Thank you.
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Super Transform


Don't PM me. Don't send me a friend request. You will be ignored.
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Fashionable Flatterer


Why did it just get deleted?
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Aged Bloodsucker

Not again... ;=;
lolz first page again
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Dangerous Lunatic

Like a phoenix rising from the Ashes

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Death To All Who Oppose


The Mighty Motherland!

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