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Good lord...
okay everyone..
We can all cry like little french hookers now >>
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Thought you'd like a few screen shots of how China just owned us >>
GoOnline could be sued for Copyright issues.
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Its a legit site.
One of the admins, pirula,
posted this.

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I love the NPCs. So pretty and detailed.

Not that keen on several of their own created items. They are good but I think I've been spoiled by our artists. XD The lace up platforms, for example, just look a bit off.

They do have several dresses I want for my female account tho.
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MAN. I WANT THOSE ******** BUNNY EARS D;<<<<<<<<<<<<
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I want some of their original dresses. crying heart
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Oh yeh.
God its annoying.
China has some better ideas than America does...
oh wait..
maybe thats why china owns california cause we're in so much debt and we turned to them..
CALIFORNIANS... are slaves to little plastic toys and toasters..
I am so not happy with this... >>
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I'm guessing the twins at the end could be like the Von Helsin twins?

But their art looks wicked sweet. As do some of their items. D:
I wouldn't mind playing there if I could read Chinese. XD
We should get an option where we can switch between which shop owner art we want.

I'd pick the previous Edmund art, but I'd love the Chinese one as well.
******** this online site bull s**t!
Tara, call me! D;
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Its not that hard at all.
Its the literal same layout of gaia.
Click around the tabs and its the same as the english version.
Takes a bit more to click around and what not.
But its basically pretty simplistic as is.
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i want this wings

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they have some really cool items ninja

China can do that cause they're immune to copyright laws. That's what they do. They take things people love, repackage them for cheaper and more poorly made and they win.

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First of all : http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/site-feedback/gaia-some-items-that-we-desperately-need-to-have-imghvy/t.54818523/

Secondly: http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/gaia-community-discussion/is-someone-copying-us-or/t.54815689/

How many topics do we need about the same thing? Srsly guys. User Image



GoOnline could be sued for Copyright issues.

No. stare

GOnline is legit. They are Gaia's 'sister company' in China. It is a separate company, but Gaia has a deal with them, and things like items, art, features etc. can be shared both ways. GOnline is basically adapting Gaia for the Chinese market, which means they will do some things differently, so its not totally the same site.

We are in regular contact with them, and we will probably re-use some of their ideas, just like how they are using many of the items and basic site features from us. Feel free to suggest examples where Gaia should be more like G-online - building a new Gaia means they can do some stuff better than we have smile

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