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Who would you choose?

Yuki 0.26217228464419 26.2% [ 70 ]
Kyo 0.73782771535581 73.8% [ 197 ]
Total Votes:[ 267 ]
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i'd choose Yuki.....
he's caring, kind, intelligent, cool, sweet and beautiful......
i don't like Kyo for yelling and losing his cool all the time......
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I'd choose Kyo simply because he's better able to read Tohru and they fit together better than Kyo and Yuki. Besides an awkward couple is cuter than a quiet couple. I also happen to very much support Yuki and Machi.
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I like both of them but I choose...
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he's such a sweetheart ;w;
i like kyo cause hes so mysterious and....well plain mean..but hes also so loving when you get to know him..like the time on the roof :3
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i love KYO! heart he's just soooo cute!! 4laugh

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This was a hard decision but I love Yuki to pieces (Prince yuki fan girl XDD ) but I also love Kyo (Wishing for a year of the cat <3 ) but I loved Yuki first, plus in the manga Yuki gets with a girl named Matchi (i think thats her name) and she looks JUST like Tohru except the eyes and a different personality, so they both end up happy <3 Plus Yuki couldn't be with Tohru because he thought of her like a mother... <3333 soo kawiii!! <33 ^^ I love the three of them though.
Honestly, when i watched the anime... i was rooting for Kyo xd
But as I read the manga, i started liking Yuki better..
Idk why but yuki seems to match tohru then kyo xp
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Kyo definitely! I love it how he acts all tough but soft with Tohru. I would seriously love to meet this guy in person heart O heart
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KYO heart heart heart The reasoning is he is awesome and there was a brief period in the manga when i thought yuki might be gay (but i love him too) i just think kyo is better
I'm a cat girl so of course it's Kyo!
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Definetly Kyo kun
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i luv Samurai deeper Kyo!! 3nodding

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