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Who would you choose?

Yuki 0.26217228464419 26.2% [ 70 ]
Kyo 0.73782771535581 73.8% [ 197 ]
Total Votes:[ 267 ]
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if you were in Tohru's shoes who would you choose? Yuki or Kyo?

i'd choose Yuki... heart

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and also...who's better between the two and why?
I'd choose Yuki too! He's way better than Kyo!~
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PSH! yeah but Kyo's awesome!!! and he looks cool when he's a monster AND ADORABLE AS A KITTEH!!!!!!! and hot as a dude... THREE IMAGES OF EPIC PROPORTIONS PPL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Kyo. But my opinion would probobly change if Yuki was the one with the year of the cat >w<
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uhh.... probably yuki he's cute and sweet. though kyo is nice too but to me yuki is the best! sorry this is totally random and out ofthe fourm but my personal fav is MOMIJI! dont hate on me.
kyo !!! yuki so damn creepy lol
although this would be a dilema i'm alergic to cats lol
Kyo, no contest. I freaking hate Yuki. >o>;

And besides, I think he looks better with Machi anyway.. XD;;;
Kyo definitely. he's such a cute kitty. heart
Kyo's my choice. It's adorable how he acts so tough X3
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sweatdrop I can't choose i like Yuki but i love Kyo so confusing. gonk
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Okaerinasaimase Goshujin-sama

I would choose kyo...but even if tohru did choose yuki, i don't think he would have necessarily felt that much romantic love towards her as she would have felt for him...yuki sort of saw tohru as a motherly figure, so most of his love for her was more like the love for a mother...i guess the english version of the manga doesnt really portray this exactly right >.<
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Kyo for sure. Yuki's kinda too timid and shy to take care of Tohru like she needs to be sweatdrop
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I'd choose Yuki heart Too bad she doesn't :T
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I would choose Kyo.
It's not like I don't like Yuki It's just that Kyo's more........awesome? Not as quiet as Yuki?
No idea just better.
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I'd choose Yuki heart Too bad she doesn't :T
i agree...

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