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Avatar: Pocahontas ripoff, badly done too, they went all out graphics and failed the rest.

Top Gun: Overrated manloving on screen.

The Godfather: I've tried SO HARD not to fall asleep during either movie, I fail everytime.

Pulp Fiction & Kill Bill: Uma Thurman ruins movies, end of discussion. Kill Bill is neato for the rest... but she kills not only bill, but the entire movies.

Expendables: Terrible flexing from Sylvester Stalone, it's a movie about how "awesome" this old guy is rather than about how awesome action heroes are, which it should've been about.
He really is expendable.

Twilight: IT IS ABOUT FAERIES! Anyone trying to pass this crapstick as a Vampire is... there's not even a word for it.
And besides that - It's terrible, I laughed in tears the first time I saw the entire movie cause I felt like shooting myself.
The other times I had to show it to my guy and a friend, I just blankfaced.
It'd be a better movie if they hadn't tried to pull off the "I'm a faerie trying to be a Vampire"-bullshit, and that's not saying it'd be a good movie - just better than frog turds.
Avatar, Hunger Games, and Twilight. Can't stand any one of them.

1. Avatar the plot was just flat. Plus, it reminded me way too much of Pocahontas...and James Cameron has just become a d**k

2. Hunger Games. Again, a plot that reminds me of another far superior movie, Battle Royale.

3. I just don't like my vampires sparkly.
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Hunger Games
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All of the Transformers movies. So dumb, and the constant camera spinning effects plus the sound of metal crashing into metal gave me a freaking headache!
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Saw. It was an OK slasher film, the most innovative part being that traps kill the victims, rather than an actual person. Everyone seemed to be under the impression that it was an amazing movie, because the ending had a twist they weren't expecting.
I'd say Saw was about as good as Seven, but people seem to be under the impression that it's one of the best horror films ever. It's not.
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i cant understanding why critics have been raving about the Avengers. I thought it was mediocre at best... especially the invasion sequence, it was really underwhelming.
The Dark Knight. Hated that movie.
2001: A Space Odyssey
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Napolean dynamite,Twiglight, and Moulin Rougue, Infact i found the 3rd one so boring and predictable I asked if We could change the movie ( which was weird cause i really like musicals).
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User ImageUser Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Avatar, Ferris Bullers Day Off and most other James Cameron moves I just never found all that interesting. I'll watch once but that is it.
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'The Happening' - Because watching people die instantaneously in their tracks due to a breeze carrying spores 'so' makes the perfect plot.

'Inception' - Seen the theme too often in various novels.

'FFVII:aC' - Taking into consideration the original footage was pirated from the company pre-completion it was 'ok' however it was not worth the 5+ year wait.

'Scary Movie'(any) - They weren't that funny, the acting was terrible, and the film quality was horrible.

'Human Centipede' - More like a B rated tragedy, medically accurate or not, the film quality was worse than Wax House. Though seemingly intended to be more of a psychological thriller, it failed.
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Avatar, Hunger Games, The Dark Knight, American Pie, any movies with Russell Brand in it. Hate that guy so much.
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Mainly, Inglourious Basterds and Napoleon Dynamite
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The Dark Night, POTC series, Brokeback Mountain, Transformers, Star Trek, Eraserhead, Nightmare Before Christmas, The Ring and Say Anything. Not saying all these movies were bad, but I didn't like any of them enough to even give them a second watch.

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