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Favorite LOTR movie?

The Fellowship of the Ring 0.28181818181818 28.2% [ 31 ]
The Two Towers 0.33636363636364 33.6% [ 37 ]
The Return of the King 0.38181818181818 38.2% [ 42 ]
Total Votes:[ 110 ]
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I am curious 3nodding
Personally, I enjoy return of the king. It's so epic emotion_bigheart
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I liked the Fellowship above all
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I can't choose between the fellowship and the two towers^^
Fellowship is my favorite. The calm before the storm.
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i loved the fellowship!
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My favorite was most definitely The Two Towers.
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I jump back and forth between Fellowship and Return of the King. But I usually come out liking Return of the King better.
The Two Towers is the best! It's got that EPICCCC battle and has a bit of a focus towards Rohan. I love love loooooved it smile
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Return of the King
I only started to like the Lord of the Rings trilogy this past year. I had never seen them until I bought the first two for my fiance because he had the third one. I voted for the third one because it was the best one in my opioion.
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Gosh that's a hard one between Fellowship and Two Towers.

I really *loved* Boromir. He was my absolute favourite and I cry ever time he dies. And that angelic statue is behind him. Ugh. *clutches chest* And I love that the Fellowship shows a happier side to Frodo in the beginning (he smiles like twice in all the movies).

But I always end up watching Two Towers first and I don't know why. I think it's because I just love the idea of Rohan. I'd love to be a Horselord.
It's hard, I love them all. Probably The Two Towers smile
It is hard to choose but I think my favourite movie is The Two Towers.

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