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Which Naruto girl do u like?

Sakura 0.23936170212766 23.9% [ 45 ]
Ino 0.037234042553191 3.7% [ 7 ]
Hinata 0.38829787234043 38.8% [ 73 ]
Ten-Ten 0.074468085106383 7.4% [ 14 ]
Temari 0.17553191489362 17.6% [ 33 ]
Karin 0.085106382978723 8.5% [ 16 ]
Total Votes:[ 188 ]
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hinata and tenten
Temari and Anko Mitarashi C:
...Not like anyways seems to Give a Damn about Anko though. emotion_8c
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Sakura, definitely. She has the looks, strength, and character developement. Her personality's okay, but other than that, she's basically perfect. Hinata's a weakling, Tenten's a useless pile of jelly-like shiet, Ino's self-centred, and Temari... is Temari. If I had to rank them all, it'd be like this:


Eh. I have this really unexplainable hate-love relationship with Hinata, but if she was stronger, a little less quiet, a bit more confident, she'd be second on the list. But unfortunately, Kishimoto has decided to make her seem pretty pathetic compared to most of the other females in the series.
Sakura has always been my favorite character (she was my first fav character out of all of the Naruto characters)
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well either hinata or sakura, so i'll go with sakura heart
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Temari. =x
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Temari. ^^
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Hinata! heart
Konan Anko Temari
Out of all three, Konan is definitely my favorite.
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If it would be out of the list, then I would choose Sakura.
Other than that, I like Kushina, Konan and Mizukage as well. c:
Does it bother anyone else that op is clearly insulting Sakura on that picture...? Why in the world does it say ugly over the best looking girl in the show? Just going by the number of male fans she has, face it man, Sakura is cute and sexy... Yet. She has a weakness to her that endears her to people...oh and she has a wicked temper at the same time...did I mention that she is awesome? Because she is... Sorry just felt the need to comment in that... It had bothered me since I first saw it, yet I figured someone else would have replied by now....guess I was wrong ... Oh and ino is pretty. emotion_kirakira
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Hinata, tenten, temari, and anko.
2. Temari
3. Tenten

[LOLed at the "ugly" comment above Sakura. I don't know, she's just really annoying. My ABSOLUTE LEAST favorite character].

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