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Do you like Faunzy's Flute?

Yeah it's awesome 0.34972677595628 35.0% [ 256 ]
It's okay 0.35245901639344 35.2% [ 258 ]
Not really 0.091530054644809 9.2% [ 67 ]
I hate it 0.036885245901639 3.7% [ 27 ]
I'm indifferent 0.16939890710383 16.9% [ 124 ]
Total Votes:[ 732 ]
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its a game you can play rock paper scissors yes u can sell the items u get xd
Cool xp whee
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    I just kept using scissors until the 9th round then I kept tying and I lost on that round.
    There is no for sure pattern. It's just luck and coincidence.

lol i chose rock each time up till the final stage then i finaly lost allthough i have only made it that far one time...i have made it to the lowerd horns at least every time even though i lose mostly after that even if i choose rock every single time XD
i used scissors today and tied and got the 3 demon horns so i hear u can do it left to right so idk ima try scissors again lol whee
I have gotten through the second round about 6 times doing Paper first round, then scissors the second round. Only about 2 times have I lost on either round; and I haven't tried round 3 yet.
oh cool i choose paper and he won and gave me some of his hair XD
the left to right has always worked for me

the only time i mess up is when i forget what i did the day before

however faunzy has stopped visiting me, so it may be an error
Oh wow idk ive not had my flute on me for a while D:
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um.... none of those have worked for me... i went from rock, to paper and lost and to rock again won and to sciz and lost, so idk....
I've used rock paper scissors pattern (left to right) and have won the game 4 times already.

So, sometimes it may be random, but there is an actual pattern or a 'cheat' that does infact always work.
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I use a alternating scissors, rock pattern. at times it works for the longest while, with a tie thrown in, but then it loses. I think the farthest I've gone was....past the Horns of Kudu and the horns of the prince of darkness, I think I glimpsed satyr legs or something like that then I pushed too far and lost emo
ive used rock forever and then for kudu i used paper
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1. paper
2. scizors
3. rock
4. paper
5. scizors
6. rock failed
ive won 2 times with rock soo idk if thers a pattern neutral
i'm on horns of kudo step..need one more game..i prey for no loss

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