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Do you like Faunzy's Flute?

Yeah it's awesome 0.34972677595628 35.0% [ 256 ]
It's okay 0.35245901639344 35.2% [ 258 ]
Not really 0.091530054644809 9.2% [ 67 ]
I hate it 0.036885245901639 3.7% [ 27 ]
I'm indifferent 0.16939890710383 16.9% [ 124 ]
Total Votes:[ 732 ]
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if u own two faunzy flutes u can always predict wut his move is on 1 flute and then beat him using ur other flute! ive tried this for a long time and it is a positiv result!!!
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I've tried the patterns that people have posted and, well, I have quite the stock of Unsightly Body Hair at this point. I'm going back to what works for me--completely random guesses.
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yeah, I think he chooses one option everyday and sticks to it all day long ninja
so... has anybody won today? what did you use?
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I haven't got mine letter yet.

I use pattern.

rock rock paper and then same when I lost.. so it'd be scissors today, then..
dramallama dramallama
mine starts with a pattern then goes random i cant get anything higher the first set of hell boy horns. it goes scissors rock paper scissors rock then i lose. no matter what i chose. crying
i still couldn't win it..it sucks
I notice that I always lose when I choose paper. stare
i'm on my ninth stage and all i do is use rock and paper and hardly use scissors
wats faunzy's flute? D:
aloha man
i'm on my ninth stage and all i do is use rock and paper and hardly use scissors

me too, last time i used scissors i lost and after that i tried again and ive only been using rock and paper and im still winning.
its no pattern
what is a faunzy flute tips ?
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hey what happens when we get all the way to the right? should i go back to rock like im starting from the left or go to paper?

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