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I have 0 shoes. sad
I just :F again. sad ... and again.
Wow, someone was excited. biggrin

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FOO You cannot post a new message this soon. Please wait a bit and try again.
Ew, are you poor? :O
If I was, I might have to kill myself, then cry tears of blood! emo
Why are they always trying to keep the white man womans? gonk

I just got it, too. ERRRR DHNFVjdfnhkocfuj;o
Well, at least you have your priorities straight. smile
Yeah, I am happy about that as well. smile
Tom Says: If the world was my bananana it would be a one stop party to rock and roll. wink
Ah, thanks Tom. I needed to know that. gonk
biggrin :O I am scared and confused. Lets not go dumster diving on August 2nd, okay? smile
It could be the last thing we do. In fact I am going to sum it down to four possible things!

1. It could be a warning about something.
2. It could be about something really good.
3. Or he is telling us that someone is going to be killed, or has been?
4. That Tom really is the crazed killer he likes to pretend to be?
I am starting to think it is number 4. sad That might explain a lot of my dreams. XP

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