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You will never understand. 3nodding :F :F :F
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My Anti-Drug

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Comment in my profile.

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    I understood :F before you did. cool
Man, don't do this to me when I've been smoking!
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Star Prophet

Alright, you got me
What is it?
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Blessed Tycoon

surprised oi
Dud,e did that ad just say Htiley? ;s
Nah, Nah, Nah. Sorry, I will never do it again. Finlay Mishon, don't tempt the master. razz
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:F and :Q = you all
Indeed Nicoledemort, we are the only ones that truly understand. domokun
Hello, It.Is.I!

I am currently helping people empty out their inventories. Do YOU have any items that you just can't give away because their crap? Well hand them to me? I'll gladly take useless and unsellable items. Have a picket sign? I'll take it. Gaia glasses? I'll take'em! Have any bugs or flowers? I'll take them too! Just send a trade, simple! I'd really like your junk D:<

Also I am questing for a Gwee! As you probably know already by now I am questing one for my boyfriend! Why not give him mine? Because I want one too! D:< I got one so.. yeah. It'll be the same thing. But that's not really the fact. I'd like to get something I bought for HIM not for me THEN to him. I just don't feel right. So could you help out with that too please? I'd really appreciate it and if your wondering I AM trying my best. Please help me?

angels_dream_4ever - 500g heart
xSkull-Piratex - 7000g!!! heart heart heart

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