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Who do you like more?

D.O 0.50649350649351 50.6% [ 39 ]
Kris 0.49350649350649 49.4% [ 38 ]
Total Votes:[ 77 ]
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Quotable Genius

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Kekeke, I like Baekyun, Sehun, Kris, D.O, Chanyeol, Suho, Kai.... I just love them all biggrin
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Fashionable Fatcat

Chanyeol, by FAR, is my favorite. He's too precious and derpy and lkhdakwuhacklj ahhhhh.

D.O. is my second favorite!
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Dangerous Noob

Well the first time someone asked me who my bias in EXO was, I replied with Kai because I hadn't learned all the members yet. When I watched the mvs, I started liking Chanyeol more becos herpa derpa doo 8D And when I watched EXO-M's variety shows, my bias changed to Kris~ But now I'm kinda liking Bacon's gorgeous smile ;w;
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Btw, he looks way better without the guyliner. >.>
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In conclusion, I cannot stay with a bias in EXO for too long because once you get comfy with one of them, another one takes your breath away.
omg what am i saying /sOBS/
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Man-Hungry Sophomore

My biases are Baekhyun, Chanyeol, Luhan and Kai.
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Kawaii Kitten

I love Chanyeol the most! His deep voice and the way he laughs is the cutest haha n__n
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jongin oppar wants ur luv!!!11 *grabby hands* B(
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D.O. and Chen~ I prefer Chen a little bit more though, because he's a little troll.

Kim Jongdaebak~
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Tipsy Gatekeeper

From EXO-M it's Kris, from EXO-K it's either suho sehun or baekhyun~
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Aged Player

I love luhan and xiumin <3 I'm more into EXO M . But if I had to choose from EXO K, I would choose baekhyun or Sehun<3
My absolute favorite its Tao! emotion_bigheart and yes, I'm more into EXO-M
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jongin oppar wants ur luv!!!11 *grabby hands* B(

You already have my love Jongin oppa~ *squeezes hands*
Personally, I don't have a bias and on a scale fom 1 to 10 I love all of EXO the same 4laugh
But some ppl like Kris more than D.O, which I don't understand talk2hand
How could you not love D.O??!! cat_rofl he so cute~~~
But Kris is a cool Duizhang, so... yeh. (Gah! I think I spelled 'duizhang duizang doosang wrong! stressed stressed scream scream scream So. FRUSTERATED! emotion_donotwant )
I really cannot voice. I love them both wayyyy too much to choose. xp Kris is tall and mysterious, but when you get to see the other side of him, he's that big brother that takes on so many responsibilities as the leader, who misses his family and has a soft spot. And when that smile comes out. aihfiehgoaeihgaoeigj i can't even....

Kyungsoo is the umma with the eek face all the time haha. He's also very responsible, looking out for the other members. Even though he nags, it's for the best. Ha, he and Key would get along. And his voice, oh krisus.
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Lonely Phantom

D.O! His high vocal and face, instant love heart
And my cutie Xiumin, adorable > 3<
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Blessed Noob

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my biases are kai emotion_bigheart , gaia_angelleft kris gaia_angelright , and kyungsoo yum_donut !

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