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User ImageEarning gold on Gaia can be quick and easy. Here are some ways in one place. Good luck!

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3nodding Post. If you post the amount of gold you have now, you can watch your earnings for this session grow! You can click the icon to your right (the red check mark) to go to your own subscribed threads.

3nodding Vote in a poll. If I've failed to change this one since you were last here, check out the Chatterbox forum for threads with polls.

3nodding Get Daily Chance at Home, My Gaia, Shop, Community, World, Games, Dumpster Dive.

3nodding Play Booty Grab by visiting Gaia Aquarium Subforum and checking through a few pages of aquariums. The Dolphin Booty Grab icon above leads to links to rich booty grab opportunities. For hints on how to play, see Booty Grab + Ultimate Guide. You can play as much as you like! Also, if you set up your own aquarium and post it in your sig and then post around Gaia, you may find yourself earning extra gold from others playing your aquarium without you doing anything more than adding more fish from time to time (goldfish don't work).

3nodding Visit your aquarium. Once per day the Overseer will grant you a gift if you have fish in your aquarium (click on it when it's open and glowing). When your fish die they also leave a gift (click the fish drop in your inventory). Aquarium FAQ gives a good summary of how to make your aquarium provide the best prizes.

3nodding Finish a jigsaw puzzle in Games. The more pieces the puzzle has, the more gold you earn when you finish it (but the longer it will take). The other games can also earn you gold, but usually not as quickly or easily. If you want to play Cards, you try to get as close to 21 without going over as possible. The trick is if you have 17 or more click "Stand" ("Stand" on 16 if you think either you or the dealer will go over 21, since dealer must play until over 16). For 11 on the first 2 cards you can try "Double Down" to double your winnings on the turn of just one more card. Anything else click "Hit."

3nodding If you have extra time, zOMG can be the most lucrative game of all of them! Check out zOMG Guides and Resources to learn more. Hint: Work with a Crew of people (up to 6) who have levels close to yours to maximize your loot.

3nodding Sell an item from your Inventory or at a Shop (surely of all the things you have from Daily Chance and Starter Stuff there's something you're willing to part with). Sometimes selling things in the Marketplace will get you more than the half-price the stores give, but for very inexpensive things you may find no one will buy your item at any price. Also, you need a Trading Pass (which costs 500g) to sell things in the Marketplace. This pass can be bought at the Bank.

3nodding Comment and rate avatars, art, writing and homes in the Arena.

3nodding Comment in a profile (feel free to use mine)

User Image 3nodding Add a comment to someone's Journal (again, feel free to use mine!)

3nodding Add an entry to your own Journal. The icon here will take you there:

3nodding Shake a tree and a bush and look under a rock in Towns. If the first of each don't work, try another until you get some (it shouldn't take more than two or three tries). You only get a few gold and it takes a while to load so I usually skip this step.

3nodding Post the amount of gold you have now! See? You can subscribe to this thread and come back every day to do these steps. Good luck!

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CONGRATULATIONS! Your shop has received Kudos in the The Minishops & Resources Center (MRC). Here is a copy of the Kudos:
Ms Minerva
THREAD NAME: Earn Gold Quickly
LINK: gaiaonline.com/forum/t.19845891
HOW I FOUND IT HELPFUL: Didn't actually use this service, but read through it and it seems incredibly helpful!
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Huh. Didn't know writing journal entries got you gold.
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done editing the launch page. smile
The amount i have now: 84,909
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yay! heart

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