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allo. I am a Dom master looking for a submissive slave for a one on one Role play. Pm me if you are interested^^ Nyan please post your profile on here.
Personality:He can be kind caring and loving, but break one of his rules he will set the punishment he thinks is fit
Likes: Neko's, cuddling with his pet, necks, soft skin and innocence in his pet.
Dislikes: Disobedience, his pet rejecting him and very very skinny girls.
Apperance:User Image
name: Momoko Renkai
age: 19
personality: she's a happy girl, who is very obidient to her master so she doesn't upset him, she hates making people angry or sad.
likes: attention, being praised, making people happy, especially her master.
dislikes: upseting people, punishments
appearance:User Image

is this ok?
Name:Kilona Karasaki
Personality:Kilona is a happy girl. She is very obident and caring, she hates angering people and gets scared when people are mad at her.
Likes:Cuddling,Nice people,soft things,cats ,and teddy bears
Dislikes:Mean masters,getting in trouble,being yelled at,and being picked on
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Name: Komi Casciano
Personality: Komi is shy to new people, but warms up to others quickly. She is caring and obedient, she knows her place when she has a master. All she really wants if for someone to take good care of her. She usually tries to hide when people are mad at her and is apologetic a lot.
Likes: New stuffed animals, dresses, love, attention, ribbons for her tail, bells, and lots of hugs.
Dislikes: Harsh punishments, people mad at her, yelling, making others sad, being mistreated and being abandoned (again)
Appearance: User Image
Name: Milly Silverblade
Age: fifteen.
Personality: Milly is the shy and innocent type, but once she gets to know you, she can be the most hyper and enthusiastic little girl you will ever meet. She enjoys making people happy, even if that means going out of her way and making her life miserable in the process. Desperate to please, Milly would do anything just to hear the phrase, 'good girl'.
Likes: teddy bears, all types of music, love, singing, puppies.
Dislikes: angry/mean people, displeasing people, spiders, thunderstorms, the dark.
Appearance: User Image
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My name is aristia angelius and I am around 160 years old. I'm a Female. My race is being a forgotten angel and i am straight. I don't normally talk about my past, but I will tell you I was born a long time ago to Lucifer (Satan before the fall) and Roseangelius(human mother). I was young and naive, coming from heaven where nothing went wrong i was sent to earth on assignment...kinda like a feild trip with my uncle Joeseph,I wandered off and my uncle thinking i was killed he went back to heaven leaving me there...with no way of returning i wandered in a forest for a few day...until i met a man,..a hansome man...tho i didnt know it at the time...he promised to protect me in exchange for complete loyalty. I i agreed not knowing what it meant but i was scared and trusting him i folowed him straight into a slave traders camp there i was left in a cage. I would love if you brought me love, honesty, and flowers and if you ever give me hatered, dishonesty, and evil, I will become disloyal. Also, I'm a slave. My collars are
Paw Print
I think I forgot to tell you I am a lot closer to emotions and nature than I am people. I also look like this : User Image
gay RPer are gay
wtf u ttly stole my lavi's appearance mad
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Name: kyoko
Personality: kyoko is a very very very shy girl but she when she behind close she will try her best to do things for her master
Likes: loves wearing anything her master desires, likes her hair long, would almost like anything
Dislikes: people mad at her
Appearance:User Image
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Familiar Seeker

Name: Rinku Ichiro
Age: 18
Personality: Shy because she is innocent, and submissive. Though she is loyal and loving to whoever shows her kindness and her biggest fear is punishment and rejection.
Likes: Pleasing her master. She will do anything for him. Pillows. Stuffed animals. Praise. Cuddling =3 she's a big cuddler. Her master happy.
Dislikes: Being scolded. Punishment. Rejection. Being yelled at. Her master upset.
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Devoted Lunatic

Name: Tsuki
Age: 18
Personality: She's very timid, sweet and soft spoken. Once she get's used to someone, she's more open but still shy and easily blushes.
Likes: Sweets, the sound of a beating heart, a gentle voice, warmth, and the smell of primrose
Dislikes: Thunderstorms (normally just the thunder), getting yelled at, cruelty, and being cold
Appearance: Clicky Clicky

I hope that this was okay and I hope to hear from you soon. *bows*

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