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Six, six, six, I need a fix.

Never better, I'm a little bit sick. 0.19767441860465 19.8% [ 34 ]
I hold a grudge and a burden. 0.15116279069767 15.1% [ 26 ]
I hold a tongue and an organ. 0.058139534883721 5.8% [ 10 ]
Bang, bang, bang, I hit and ran. 0.058139534883721 5.8% [ 10 ]
My inner child dead in the drain. 0.2093023255814 20.9% [ 36 ]
I hold the fire and the hunger. 0.12209302325581 12.2% [ 21 ]
I hold the name and the number: 0.046511627906977 4.7% [ 8 ]
six. six. six. 0.15697674418605 15.7% [ 27 ]
Total Votes:[ 172 ]
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Witty Poster

"'Dead as dead can be,' my doctor tells me
But I just can’t believe him, never the optimistic one…" -passive, by blue circle.
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Witty Poster

You'll have to excuse me B if I'm not as enthusiastic as I normally would be.
It's hard having faith in something that has disappointed you time and time again.
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Shy Giver

I'm not the one who ******** with the pumps
It's not my job to fix these things
My ******** god
I don't want to deal or talk to anyone anymore
I just
I feel so bitter and upset
I feel disgusting and just ugh
All these negative emotions are catching up
And I just want to cry....
my lips are so dry and cracked and they are bleeding
gross how did this happen?
i hope we have some vaseline somewhere
also i'm realllly craving a bloody mary
not the crazy "pizza in my drink" kinds
just a plain one with pickles and some olives.. maybe a shrimp or two.
mmm sounds so good rn
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Shadowy Autobiographer

i think we'll make this
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Feral Darling

I sort of calmed down... Especially with the dosages of medications I've been now informed to take...
I was sedated a bit earlier in the morning and Ky's been in constant monitoring of me.

Mother bought Hardees and I just ate quietly by myself.
I didn't want to be with anyone, but that didn't stop him from sitting near the wall close to my bed.
We kept talking even though my voice wanted to crack and have I, myself, breaking down again.

The voice in my head kept saying, "Abandonment is your fate..."
And Ky. shook me and kept saying to listen to him. I stood there in my bed..

Heart racing and everything. He stared at me for a bit and hugged me as tight as he could.
I'm like a sister-figure to him... since he's an only child. He's already losing it himself having to deal with his best friend suffer all this...

I feel at fault, but what can I do?

I'm trying so hard....

I don't want to give up, but everything's just....

causing ache...

- - - - - - - - -
there's a long gash on the side of my left hand... from breaking the mirror of the guest room the other day....

It stings and it ******** hurts...
Proud of myself for actually doing schoolwork, which sounds ridiculous but it's hard to concentrate when you have zero motivation.
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Obsessive Bookworm

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  • Perfect Attendance 400
holy ******** i'm so glad i ordered that urban decay feminine palette. i got it for half off AND NOW ITS NOT FOR SALE ON THE SEPHORA WEBSITE.

@_@ GOOD ******** TIMING.
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Shy Genius

My throats so sore. emotion_8c This is the longest starting cold ever, but I think it's going to be one of those long ones that take forever to go away..><
101B for Ancient Katana?
This is the most gold I've ever spent for an item.
I thought 40B for my Taru items was bad enough.
Gaia you've really gone down hill in the inflation area huh?


Side Note, my dream avatar is complete.
this hair mask was messy as ********
my hair better be amazingly beautiful when i wash it out
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Feral Darling

Weed sounds great riiight now...
Or alcohol....

Or anything...
Ky. left and said he'd pick me up for classes tomorrow at 5am.

I owe it to him for having to deal with me at my worst, but he doesn't really complain...
I still feel like s**t because I'm just now a burden...

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